GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Utility Companies – For Fleet on the Go

The moment we talk about Utility organizations, the very first point that comes to our mind is the management and monitoring of the vehicles involved in their day to day business. For such sectors that provide service to the general public or could be privately owned, what comes foremost is the customer opinion which directly acts as a booster to the success of the enterprise. Public utilities could include multiple facility provisions, which need to be observed rigorously as the fleet is continuously on the move. The overall efficiency and performance of the sector needs to be analysed and checked every now and then, since the entire setup is highly widespread and geographically distributed in various areas.

This industry zone is always under high enquiry because it involves a responsible action for both the end client as well as the authoritarian bodies that it works for. Since it involves a large amount of rules and regulations, higher is the need for stringent processes and solution to optimize its usage and effectiveness.

There are many challenges that are encountered by the Utility sector some of them being late arrival of drivers and hence customer enragement, additional fuel expenses, rash and untimely driving by irresponsible drivers, erratic route planning leading to misuse of vehicles and late reporting to client location. That is where comes in an ideal and comprehensive choice, that is now a must for all Utility sectors – A GPS Fleet Tracking System. To supervise, track and administer the routine everyday progress of the vehicles is a challenge that is faced by enterprises which can be reduced by implementing a tough and all-inclusive Vehicle Tracking System (VTS).

VTS, with its compactly incorporated Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking feature features as a supreme solution, given that all on-the-go actions are supervised and tracked through GPS and instantly sent to the organization for advanced scrutiny. This GPS Fleet Management Software can be deployed on GPS enabled mobile device which will send GPS co-ordinates to the server on regular basis. With umpteen prominent features and advantages under its roof, it comes out as the most feasible approach to identify, locate and manage commercially used vehicles and other assets on a map in real-time. It is turning highly interesting to observe the application of VTS into a diversity of industrial domains, day by day.

6 Major Benefits that the Utility Sector Gains Owing to GPS Vehicle Tracking System


  • Client Satisfaction

A benefit for which all businesses yearn for, end user satisfaction is what our solutions always aim for and for sure, this solution provides high quality customer service for the utility sector, thereby assisting you if the performance and behaviour of the fleet is as it should be or not. Be it any type of situation, the solution offers a timely and dedicated approach, which is why, designated drivers can reach the targeted location on time.

  • Safety of Drivers

Aren’t we human enough to ensure that all our drivers, in whatsoever geographical location they are, are safe and sound? And this is possible only if the drivers, their locations, movements and speed etc. are well monitored and controlled. This is what this solution ensures to its best, by offering a totally transparent view of the driver’s movements at each and every step enhancing fleet safety and reducing accidents.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Increase in completion of work orders, minimization of errors / changes, bettered behaviour and working of drivers, accountability of employees in terms of working hours remaining intact – these are some of the important factors monitored easily through a VTS solution, resulting in increased productivity.

  • Reduced Fuel Usage

Because GPS tracking can monitor vehicles with ease and thereby control driver assignments, it brings about a direct and strict control over fuel usage and reduces it by a large extent.

  • Efficient Route Planning

One of the vital ingredients in successful fleet tracking is suitable and wise route planning. Because of this wonderful solution, it becomes easy and simplistic to identify routes, as per geographical locations and assign them appropriately to drivers, so that wastage of time and fuel both is avoided.

  • Effective Monitoring

All said and done, what comes out as the most desired objective is effective monitoring of all stakeholders – fleet, vehicles, routes, fuel, time, client – all of these are equally important in the Utility sector. And owing to a well deserved fleet tracking partner, it becomes viable to do so with ease and perfection.

It looks so striking to see how an efficient and effective GPS Vehicle Tracking Software can handle your business so effortlessly and resourcefully. Of course, it would have its own set of challenges but a lot more positive outputs to offer. The core lies in selecting the most appropriate VTS solution provider.

SPEC INDIA, from its bouquet of enterprise business offerings and with its stringent quality standards, has been serving a wide spread elite clientele all across the globe. Our flexible and functional Fleet Tracking Software has made it the best possible partner for the Utilities sector. Our customizable, industry specific solutions blend in the right amount of visibility, reporting, monitoring and navigation to assist organizations meet their SLA with clients and get appreciated for their timely completion of assignments.

There are certain value added solutions, helping you get the optimum utility of this solution along with SPEC INDIA’s other popular enterprise solutions:

  • ZooM –Mobile Sales Force automation solution
  • Renaissance – Enterprise Customer Relationship Management solution
  • eSAM – Electronic Service and Maintenance application
  • MDM – Mobile Device Management solution



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