Healthcare Industry Benefits Leaps and Bounds with Big Data Solutions


November 18, 2015

When the data gets big, Big Data gets going. This is what the practical scenario is today. Wherever there is a large amount of data involved, you will see the existence of Big Data solutions, handling the management and maintenance of data and providing you with the right information in the right format at the right time.

From amongst the large conglomerates ruling the industrial zone, one of the quickly expanding industries is the Health Care industry. Surrounded with people and patients all the time, this human service oriented integrated business comes into a very different league and hence with Big Data Solutions making its way n here, there are sure to be quite affirmative and encouraging results. This industry is considered to be making most of the advantage of Big Data Services.

When we look at the world wide scenario, Health care industry is still coming up in Big Data Solutions as compared to its peers like the finance, marketing, FMCG industries etc. The Big Data revolution has picked up pace in the pharmaceutical industry with a significant increase in the transparency and reduction in the budgeted cost. Gone are those days when the traditional tools were sued to provide necessary information. Now, the dependency is totally on the most innovative and modern Big Data technologies which focuses more on a patient centric approach and equal focus on expenses as well other management facilities.

Big Data Solutions in Health Care Industry

Realizing the extent to which Big Data Solutions can assist the industry, health care providers are now very keen and conscious of focussing on these solutions in order to make their working environment a much enriched one with ROI maximization and availability of quality rich and perceptive information. There are certain major parameters that have a vital role when it comes to fusion of these two stalwarts.

Major Parameters which Help Integration of Big Data Solutions in Healthcare Industry

  • Data Integration

When it comes to data, the Healthcare industry is one area where you can find a large amount of scattered and assorted data, talking about a variety of things like claims, medical records, physician prescriptions, scans, images, social media coverage, monitoring reports etc. The foremost thing that comes to mind is how to extract, standardize and integrate this versatile data. And that is where Data Integration and Big Data Solutions indulge in accumulating these varied sources of data with a properly planned schedule and strategy.

  • “Out of the Box” Thought Process

As a tradition, what is being followed is the typical procedure of collection and analysis of administrative and clinical data of patients. With the entry of Big Data Solutions, what really benefits is the implementation of varied practices like Predictive Analysis which lead to a direct steep increase in the effectiveness, productivity and profitability of the organization. Procedures like repeat admissions, better treatment, handling critical scenarios and many others need a ‘out of the box’ thought process to implement newer and modern technologies like dashboards and graphical analytics, leaving behind the typical traditional methods.

  • Genuine Functioning of Practices

To think and to implement are two totally separate and distinct processes. When we write about the ample benefits that Big Data Solutions bring along, we tend to underestimate the challenges and difficulties that its practical implementation will bring along. The perfect approach to implementation is proven once these challenges are overcome and there is perfect synergy between all sources of information to this solution. Be it safety, treatments, diagnostic models and so many more, all these different systems need Big Data Solutions to generate an exemplary pattern to increase its efficiency and hence is significant to implement these Big Data Solutions the same way they were sketched at the start.

  • Total Cost of Implementation

Larger the data more is the cost incurred and involved with it. With successful and thoughtful implementation of Big Data Solutions and improvised data management, the cost factor can be managed and maintained to get the best of results. Redundancy would surely decrease and with novel steps like Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, there would be possible chances of risk mitigation.

Not a single days goes by when there are no further advancement in technologies today and so is the case with Big Data Solutions. Each new days comes up with some or the other useful and modern innovation which, sure shot, benefits the Healthcare industry.

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