Hitting The Bull’s Eye With Beacons Based Retargeting!!

  • Posted on : September 6, 2017
  • Modified: February 21, 2022

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The world of the tiny beacons & ibeacons grabbing attention & enticing patrons, expands to become larger than life with the acumen of beacon app development companies. With Internet of Things becoming the way of doing things, beacons settle in as the indispensable tech tools working continuously & discretely for almost all segments including marketing. The world of marketing, on the other hand relies extensively on technology, especially in the retail sector where there is a great importance in retaining customers to promote a brand to bring in value to businesses. Intriguing researches state that the drivers for digital marketing & commerce in the physical as well as digital worlds is largely technology.

Retargeting refers to remembering a potential customer’s preferences using technology and then pushing contextual ads nudging the customer to make a possible purchase. This method of marketing opens up several avenues in the retail sector, more so because of the omnichannel marketing strategy most enterprises have adopted in recent years.

Beacon Development

Beacons Based Retargeting

After the big rise of smart retail with the beacons, retargeting with beacons allows a enterprises to fully capture a potential customer’s marketing lifecycle, right from determining possible preferences in a brick & mortar store right up to pushing relevant links or marketing information based on captured trends.

Rob walks into the Nike store to get a feel of the new Air VaporMax running shoes. Once in the store the instore app on his phone takes charge & keeps a tab of what Rob is doing. He tries the latest shoes but puts them away. Maybe they are too expensive. He tries them again, but sticks to his decision. The tiny beacons capture all the ongoings.

At home, Rob browses through the Nike online store where he is shown other shoes which might be his running partner. The website keeps a tab of what he is doing.

And then when he is ordering some gardening stuff on Amazon he gets notified about a very good deal for the shoes he wanted so very much.

And then, the shoes do come home!

This is retargeting at its best. And it all starts with the beacons….

Each time the user clicks on an app notification or URL complemented by the beacons using the all new app-less Physical Web, necessary data is provided to a comprehensive analytical system. Combined with inputs from other touch points, retargeting using beacons makes effective usage of instore behaviors which along with analytics, allows the retail enterprise leverage the best of marketing strategies.

Rolling Out Proximity Based Retargeting Using Beacons

It is said that on an average, a brand keeps adding 3-5% new customers year-on-year. In a sustainable business model the need to keep the focus on repeat business is huge. Retargeting & proximity based retargeting become imperative for a marketing strategy to target the cool millennials bringing in disruptive changes to the retail industry. The rolling out of solutions by beacon app development companies needs to be insightful & well planned.

Strategically Locating the Beacons

Beacons should be effectively placed to cover every inch of the stores. No aisle should be left out as part of coverage design. For every user there needs to be at least a relevant notification on the way. Considering that a significant chunk of customers would possibly opt for window shopping when instore, with the actual purchase happening online at a later stage, beacons play a pivotal role in retargeting.

Effective technology to ensure Unfaltering connectivity

The Beacons powered by Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE have always proved to be effective when it comes to appropriate communications. Beacons are instrumental in triggering app notifications within mobile devices for proximity based marketing. The retail store would do better by deploying a Wi-fi solution ensuring seamless connectivity for potential customers.

Use A Competent Marketing Platform

Deploying beacons for capturing data is not the end of the road. Retargeting is a complex aspect involving huge amounts of data varying with each customer and there is a lot of diversity to the data based on target market, demographics, geography, line of business and more. Data collected using beacons needs to be fed to analytical systems, which help in generating relevant insights & hence enhance decision making.

Complex algorithms combined with significant technology parameters complete the retargeting chain. To ensure all the automated pieces are in sync, it is recommended to deploy a holistic, platform based solution that understands the marketing value chain, and seamlessly integrates with relevant technologies.

The Smartphone App

All the pieces of jigsaw in beacons & ibeacons App Development are incomplete if the exercise fails to attract the customer. The final aspect to carefully consider is an appropriate smartphone app without which retargeting becomes a fruitless exercise.

The App for Beacons

The App For Beacons

Benefits of Retargeting Instore

The benefits that come with integrating beacons into a retargeting strategy are not ignored anymore by most enterprises.

Reduction in Abandoned Carts

Effective usage of proximity solutions might just tip the balance in favor of the retailer when it comes to abandoned cards. It is no surprise that often a customer is confused if a purchase be made or not. The driving factors is not just the necessity, but often the brand recognition as well. A timely prompt via the mobile app might just convert to profitable sales.

Better Brand Recognition & Customer Connect

If the number of notifications are controlled, retargeting is probably one of the top techniques to remain in the customer’s good books. Customer remains in sync with the retail business & recognize the brand and recollect it repeatedly before purchasing an alternate.

Improved Engagement Times Across Channels

Even if a customer does not always make a purchase, the retailer wants him or her engaged or at least keep the products under consideration. The instore visit should remain engaging, so should the online experience. Retargeting ensures definite improvement in customer engagement times & makes best possible usage of available touch points.

Segregation of Products by Popularity

One of the indirect benefits of retargeting is identifying products or brands that occupy a significant shelf life, but do not result into high sales. Based on analytics, it is possible to determine the issues leading to the poor performances. This helps improve the supply chain and allows the retail enterprise to upgrade its offerings based on concrete user preferences.

Logical Cross Selling

Retargeting combined with the history, indicate other products of interests or likely interests to maximize the sales funnel. With the dependency on predictive technology cross selling becomes a simple mathematics to derive marketing logic to entice potential customers.

In a Nutshell

Inspite of all the smart solutions derived with the help of the beacons, data privacy is indeed a precaution to be taken with this new age tech. It is evident that beacons & ibeacons App Development will continue to disrupt the retail ecosystems & their approaches to marketing drastically.

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