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January 16, 2017


January 3rd, 2023

Today, each ‘thing’ is being connected via the Internet and with the passage of time, we will see a very thin line dividing the digital and the physical world. The rate at which the distance between both the worlds is diminishing, soon, we will witness the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on the Enterprise Mobility sector and together, their strong and positive influence on the industrial domains ruling the globe. Let us glance through the affirmative effects of IoT + Enterprise Mobility on some of the popular domains.

‘Smart’ is what things are today and with time flying by, each and every thing around us is getting smarter. With inbuilt sensors and chips installed, the plethora of articles has garnered a level of understanding us and is able to follow a certain level of instructions through our mobile phones. The magic wand that seems to be doing this wonder is none other than the wonderful and innovative technology ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) with its set of pros and cons, is ruling the globe and revolutionizing the synchronization between technology and the materialistic world. IoT has been delving deeper into each and every domain around with most of them making heavy profits due to this synergistic involvement.

Enterprise Mobility has been a key area to be affected by IoT Application Development and it has had an awe-inspiring impression on business driven by the range of connected devices, Big Data and IoT. With IoT and Big Data creating a perfect synergetic blend, enterprises are yielding growing profit, productivity and with Enterprise Mobility Solutions in the foray, organizations are seamlessly able to implement strategies and processes with a deep rooted decision making.

Enterprise mobility and IOT

As per the recent predictions, the impact of Internet of Things on Enterprise Mobility is going to cross boundaries and there are an increasing number of target audiences who is set to invest increasingly more in this wonderful synergy and thereby, reduce the hardships that were being encountered in the real world.

IoT Meets Enterprise Mobility – Its Affirmative Impact On The Industry Domains

With IoT impacting Enterprise Mobility to a large extent, there are hardly any industry domains which aren’t a witness to the much positive impact that this joint venture has on the overall business growth, performance and agility. Here are few of the top most industry areas today, benefiting from this technology setup:

A Healthy Future for the Healthcare Domain

With its technologically superior facilities, IoT and Enterprise Mobility together, are changing the face of healthcare totally, offering a certainly increased range of benefits, with a direct growth of profits, business and efficiency and a sure shot decrease in cost and maintenance activities. With a highly customer centric focus, hospitals are now easily and efficiently moving onto a range of health services that aim towards better patient management and administration.

A Technologically Growing Oil & Gas Industry

With the widened gap between the digital and physical world getting lesser, one of the zones that is witnessing a great successful tenure owing to the technologically advanced IoT and Enterprise Mobility is the Oil & Gas Industry. Device connectivity (oil well, rigs, exploration devices), enhanced decision making, technological advancements like Drones, wearables, 3D printing etc. are reasonable proof enough to showcase the benefits that the wonderful technology fusion is providing like reduction in production cost, increase in operational efficiency, deeper insights, analysis of information and land survey for possible extraction locations.

A Profitable Transformation in the Agriculture Area

With a big boost to farmers with novel and helpful technological advancements like monitoring of crops with dynamic reports, measuring the health of crops, easy access from anywhere, cloud based services offering instant weather reports and thereby instant decision making, there is a guaranteed growth of business for the agriculture industry, because of IoT spreading its wings over Enterprise Mobility.

A Fit Monitoring into the Fitness Industry

One of the domains making the most of IoT and Enterprise Mobility is the Fitness sector, which with the help of standardized devices like Beacons can monitor the member information like time of visit, time of leaving, duration of visit and provide relevant information on the mobile devices instantly. Promotional offers such as free visits, discounts to regular members etc. could prove encouraging for those who aren’t.

A Happy Shopping Time in the Retail Sector

Marketing and Retail is one area that can maximize the most because of IoT and Enterprise Mobility. Benefits like being able to judge what is most popular and who is looking at what, culling out information about what is being sold the most, calculation of total amount with payment portals online are few of the many worthy advantages being experienced.

On a whole, the Internet of Things is having a deep impact on how enterprises are leveraging the power of connected devices and using it to enhance their business attributes to its best. Enterprise Mobility is spreading its wings with the help of IoT and the entire modernized setup is a synergized pool of mobile devices, wearables, computers and connected devices – all of them aiming towards a single perspective to empowering individuals with a much enhanced knowledge of the online, interactive and well informed globe.

SPEC INDIA has been harnessing the potential of IoT Application Development and Enterprise Mobile Application Development with respect to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Cross Platform Development, with Beacons as the technology across many domains.

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Delivering Digital Outcomes To Accelerate Growth
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