Mobile ERP Creating Lasting Impressions on Enterprises


September 19, 2016


June 19th, 2023

Mobile ERP, enabling the most contemporary solutions for the enterprise facilitate the relevant use of technology for all. Of course, there are pros & cons to this integration and the enterprise needs to be geared up with prudent MDM policies to avert any security breaches to enable a beneficial and conducive environment for all stakeholders of the system, right from employees and partners to dealers.

Mobile app development becomes the new way for enterprise solutions today.

The Changing Beliefs of Enterprises

With a growing number of the younger generation in the teams, enterprises shift from traditional approaches to more modern outlooks for ways of functioning. Belief systems and preferences undergo radical changes.

  • Statistics say that mobile devices increase the efficiency of operations by more than ninety percent.
  • It is observed that almost ninety percent of employees use mobile devices for work.
  • BYOD, Bring Your Own Device becomes the new age mantra for work and working.
  • Enterprises believe in integrating trending technologies into their practices to keep the employees motivated, customers engaged and partners in sync.
  • Enterprises also believe that a mobile ERP gives them an edge over competitors.

The Benefits of an ERP Powered with Mobile Technologies

Improved Efficiency

This mobile-enabled ERP offers the ultimate flexibility to the workforce of the enterprise, turning the enterprises into untethered workplaces with the due MDM policies in place.

With the ease of access, ERP workflows turn into any time anywhere processes, improving the efficiencies of functioning without any scope for bottlenecks. a contemporary ERP system creates virtual offices on the go.

Accurate & Real-Time Data for Analytics

With Analytics integrated into the system, it puts real-time data on the fingertips of all, and especially the sales & marketing teams for whom this is more than critical. Key persons gaining easy access to relevant data gives them better visibility improving the decision-making process by manifolds.

On-Time KPI Measurements

Key performance indicator analysis becomes possible with increased precision and appropriate timings with a mobile ERP in place.

Seamless Access through Multiple Touch Points

Employees shift seamlessly between devices of choice in and out of the office increasing productivity and efficiency of task completion. Dealers and partners gain the much-needed transparency to the ongoing with easy access through a mobile-enabled ERP system.

Customers too, access the relevant information through multiple touch points to be in sync with the enterprise itself.

Enabling Superior System Enablers

Besides integrating the core tasks of an enterprise, a mobile ERP ensures the tight coupling of the processes and data sharing amongst departments and subsystems for a unified and comprehensive solution.

Empowering Systems

Easy Access Across Devices & Platforms

Avoiding communication bottlenecks across devices & platforms is quite easily done with a cross-platform ERP in place, which is very vital for enabling BYOD.

Blending in Modern Techniques with Mobile ERP

Practical technology approaches like Location Based Sensing, Augmented Reality, Sensor Based technologies like beacons, and value adds to mobile technologies like never before. Add to it the enrichment offered by Mobile solutions make it possible for hands-on techniques like sensor-based beacons, location-based technology, AR, VR, and many more to connect together to offer comprehensive solutions.

The radically new approaches offered by the effectiveness of Social Media, the actionable information continuously generated through BI & Analytics and the flexibility & affordability of the Cloud integrate with mobile technologies to empower the ERP Software development ensuring improved RoIs for the organizations.

ERPs A convergence of trending technologies

ERP in the Cloud

With Cloud becoming the most practical, cost-effective, and flexible approach to gaining access to various services and infrastructure, it takes the freedom of anytime anywhere approach offered by mobile technologies to complement the Cloud.

ERP Empowered with IoT

Internet of Things relies heavily on various mobile devices to become a reality today. A mobile ERP integrates with IoT automates tasks across manufacturing & production, logistics & supply chain, field force, and more.

BI – Big Data & Analytics for information access ERP

Real-time analytics give the much-required thrust to information sharing and visibilities across the enterprise making it more agile and viable.

The Power of Social Media for ERP

Social media opens up a completely different channel of communication with the customers and partners of the enterprises. When integrated into the mobile ERP workflow, it offers radically new methods for marketing, sales, and communication.

On a Parting Note

An ERP system with the power of mobility is definitely one of the most innovative and intuitive usages of technology for enterprises. With virtually no limits to putting this concept to use, a mobile ERP changes the way people work, and the way organizations relate to partners like vendors, suppliers, distributors, and also customers with assured improvements in productivity and efficiency. The predictions for the changes in ERP systems in 2016 have already come true.

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