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June 21, 2018


September 11th, 2023

Enterprises today are in need for scalable, robust, flexible software applications that offer optimum productivity and profitability. Leveraging the use of the latest technologies like mobility, IoT, cloud computing, BI, Big Data is a prime requirement now, accompanied by high-quality managerial competences, collaboration, security, intelligence and risk management.

With the arrival of NodeJS – the fast-growing enterprise development platform, the search for an apt development tool ends. NodeJS development services has carved a niche for itself by turning out most suitable and flexible for building network apps – real-time, data-driven, multidevice. It has facilitated enterprises to garner the finest of business throughput, upkeep and reduced time-to-market.

Proving its superiority over other programming tools, NodeJS development companies have been the preferred choice for enterprise app development and are sure to rule the globe for years to come. It has a bright future across multiple domains, business segments, sizes and geographies.

Node.js (Application) Development – A Popular Choice for Enterprises

Since NodeJS has been one of the globe’s best performing and flexible platforms, organizations be it small, mid, or big size segments or startups, have been unleashing its potential to build multifaceted web, mobile and desktop apps, which also includes full stack development. NodeJS solutions have a focus on offering solutions for fastened real-time apps, network apps, and high-traffic web apps.

This wonderful technology can seamlessly be integrated with cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, the Internet of Things, data-critical apps, and real-time web apps, to name a few. It can easily be clubbed with AngularJS and ReactJS to offer state-of-the-art solutions to multiple domains around the world.

Getting increasingly popular, NodeJS apps are focused on increasing efficiency and maximizing throughput with the use of non-blocking I/O (event-driven model) and asynchronous events. Enterprises are looking forward to leveraging the potential of this innovative, open-source, runtime environment platform that is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime acting as a library for executing JavaScript on the server side.

Excellent outputs have been observed for real-time applications which are installed on distributed systems with a combination of ever-growing devices.

NodeJS is combined with different libraries for common web app requirements and makes use of Google V8, the open-source JS engine by Google for the Chrome browser for code execution. It executes perfectly on Linux as well as Windows OS. The file and network events in NodeJS are multithreaded and the apps execute on a single thread. Its asynchronous nature lets NodeJS support real-time apps in a better fashion with the help of built-in I/O libraries for file, socket and HTTP communication.

Owing to these features, there is no need for any server-side software and this offers enhanced customer satisfaction by dealing with multiple client connections in parallel, giving a real-time experience to the end users.

Being a capable server-side JS platform, NodeJS has been doing a great job in the arena of transaction protection and security. It can establish security assurances in the domains of financial information, enterprise information, customer data etc. To avoid any kind of security threats and attacks, full proof security systems can be setup by integrating NodeJS apps with JavaScript. A popular NodeJS community – the Node Security Project has fundamentally 3 targets – Audit npm (node packaged modules), generate advisories to fix modules and publish public API and audit results.

Node.js Development Services: Choice for Enterprise App Development

Below are some of the obvious motives why NodeJS development services has been rising the belief standards all over, across enterprises, world over:

  • NodeJS is a lightweight programming language
  • It is a frontrunner in the enterprise-grade open-source
  • It supports an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model
  • It offers scalability and fastness
  • There is robust and active community help
  • It offers a lot of libraries
  • There is a secure frontend & backend development
  • There is an availability of reusable code & real-time applications
  • NodeJS offers increased productivity & reduced development time
  • There is need for lesser resources
  • It supports agile development

NodeJS Development Services – Its Compatibility with Trending Technologies

  • NodeJS and Enterprise Mobility

As one of the most valuable and wanted programming languages, NodeJS has achieved a strong hold over enterprise mobile app development. It has been experienced as one of the most promising mobile app development frameworks within stringent deadlines, budget and quality. Because NodeJS mobile app development features writing of code both on the server side as well as the client side, the major advantage lies in the quick transfer of data between server and client.

  • NodeJS and Internet of Things

Because NodeJS is a runtime environment, it fits the bill when it comes to building your next-gen IoT applications with a real-time response. Functionalities, that are customer requirements, can easily be developed through APIs for mobile and web integration in Internet of Things. It offers competence to build an entirely distributed and linked system that provides well-organized and protected software and hardware structures. NodeJS is taking enterprises to a different level altogether.

  • NodeJS and Web Apps

Since it is a secure, scalable and easily implementable tool, NodeJS has been a programmer’s delight when it comes to developing real-time web applications. Node web development has a single threaded setup that offers event loops and facility to deal with manifold client requests.

  • NodeJS and Business Intelligence

While working with business intelligence information, NodeJS turns out to be the perfect tool. It allows applications to execute JavaScript on almost any device. Developers can utilize the same programming language for all types – frontend, backend, server and client. The major reasons why NodeJS has been popular while working with BI is its cross-platform support, community help and it being extensive.

  • NodeJS and Cloud Computing

NodeJS gels seamlessly with cloud-based computing and supports multiple connections and services, allowing the cloud to gauge servers and suggest different backing workings. With the help of the cloud, custom NodeJS development offers effective and quick web apps.

We @ SPEC INDIA, being a NodeJS Development Company, are well-skilled and knowledgeable in an assortment of flavors of Java and have successfully implemented varied projects using the Java family. We offer comprehensive NodeJS development services that make the most of this innovative technology and assist clients in empowering their businesses with data-critical and real-time applications.

Our hire Node JS developer service, in the arena of NodeJS application development, has been offering highly experienced and proficient resources, which can assist in understanding and fulfilling your requirements with the topmost quality, dedication, and knowledgebase.

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