Parameters Ruby on Rails Node.js
Overview A Ruby-based development framework is the best fit for developing a complex and extensive application. Offers quick development of web apps and websites with Ruby. A JavaScript runtime framework best suited for developing fast applications. It offers fast and scalable network applications with Chrome’s JavaScript runtime engine.
Programming Language Ruby JavaScript
Use Cases eCommerce and social networking apps, content management systems, SaaS-based projects, database-driven projects, MVPs, cloud apps with complicated databases, web apps, prototypes Collaborative tools, data streaming web apps, real-time chat apps, social media apps, single page apps, publishing apps, eLearning platforms, Microservices, IoT-based apps, API development, games
Application Development Backend application development Frontend and backend application development
Number of Threads Multi-threaded, hence more responsive and user-friendly Single-threaded, hence faster in execution
Type of Framework Opinionated with less control Non-opinionated with more control
Development Time Faster with fewer commands Slower with more lines of code
Performance It is slower than Node.js because of the time-consuming garbage collection process. Faster than Rails because of a conducive environment for smaller tasks
Scalability It is not as scalable as Nodejs because it requires a lot of resources and cannot easily scale them as needed. It is more scalable than Rails because of the non-blocking I/O model and clusters with abstractions that can spawn processes with minimal CPUs.
Installation It needs a lot of generators for installation Easy to install with some archive files
Learning Curve Easy to learn but needs knowledge of objects, classes, etc. It is more accessible to learn, flexible, and understandable
Application Architecture Developers can use MVC architecture Developers can use MVC/MVP architecture
Testing Capabilities Inbuilt testing system and hence simple and effective testing A lot of third-party libraries and hence help in effective testing
Deployment Rails are speedy and light, and hence, tasks can be performed in no time Node.js may take little time for integration and searching modules
CPU Intensive Tasks It fits CPU-intensive tasks such as data processing, image processing, and RAD – Rapid Application Development. It will cause a hung of web applications when handling CPU-intensive tasks as it uses a single thread. It will take a long time.
Resource Availability It is difficult to access good Rails resources as very few have detailed knowledge about RoR. It is easy to get access to good Node resources as there are many with experience in Node.js.