Pentaho 7.0 – Empowering BI and DI to be Best Together

Pentaho, an established trend in Business Intelligence Analytics for years and a leading DI and BI organization, offers the best of services and takes the cake for OEM, embedding, IoT Analytics, keeping in mind the trending futuristic moves. Offering promising solutions across various domains and industries, Pentaho Business Intelligence Services set a trend amongst peers and scores higher and better with a competent feature list. Their major objective is to assist enterprises across domains to harness the value from their heaps of data, whatsoever format they may be in, and analyze and utilize them to garner enhanced business efficacy, ROI, revenue and profitability.

Keeping pace with the latest technological innovations, Pentaho is all set to come up with Pentaho 7.0 – a unified platform to have data preparation and visualization from anywhere in the entire analytics pipeline. Promising various eye-striking features to grab, this novel version is likely to prove the ultimate in the entire range of earlier versions. The entire gamut of Pentaho Business Intelligence Consulting firms is looking forward to this release, this month to leverage the power of BI and DI together.

Pentaho 7.0 – Promising To Bring Business And IT Closest Possible

Pentaho 7.0

There have been always two distinct sets of users – IT, which looks after the entire handling and monitoring of data and extracting reports/dashboards as required and Business units – awaiting the desired information in their desired format at the required time. Pentaho has always strived hard to bridge the gap between these two, in its earlier version and has succeeded to do so, to a certain extent, but still, there have been limitations. This latest version promises to bring them closer to the best possible extent, thereby, boosting business, revenue, profitability, productivity to a massive extent.

Being an open-source community, Pentaho continues to innovate and prove that Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Integration (DI) are inseparable and work best together. The earlier versions have proven a satisfactory level of affinity between the two, but Pentaho 7.0 surely showcases the best to date. It facilitates data engineers and analysts to undergo data preparation and visualization with the ease and at any point in time, in the entire process of data preparation. There will be much simplistic collaboration between the two sections and the output is sure shot quality rich analytics, driving the business higher and faster. A modern, unified platform – Pentaho will showcase business analytics that will work wonders.

With this release, IT will be able to deliver the data to execute business processes, data analysts will have the data for business management and data scientists will possess requisite information to transform the business.

Pentaho 7.0 – A Quick Peek at its Salient Benefits

  • Data Analytics – Anytime, Anywhere

With a sharp focus on availing analytics anywhere in the data pipeline, this upcoming version ensures that data that is running through pipelines can be analyzed and visualized anytime, anywhere and thereby utilize resources more effectively, increasing business farsightedness.

  • New Unified Server Mechanism

There is a simplified methodology by which, through a unified merged server, the entire process of installation and administration will be handled. This ensures a flawless yet full-proof installation procedure.

  • Early Inspection Of Data

Because visualization can be done much ahead in the entire process, it becomes easier to grasp any errors/flaws very early and thereby, solve it earlier. No longer is shuffling between different tools required, to visualize the data till the end of the process.

  • Enhanced Robustness Of Infrastructural Competencies

With novel competencies showcasing augmented Big Data infrastructure, faster data onboarding, enhanced features for Spark and increased Hadoop security, the entire framework is sure to portray a much higher level of stability and security both

  • Third-Party Support To Vital Frameworks

This latest version ensures a set of further augmentations so that there is a seamless big data-enabled to set up. The third-party support for Kafka – a popular messaging queue technology, support for Avro & Parquet – to store data in Hadoop in Big Data onboarding use cases and simplified configuration, deployment, and administration are some of the significant additions which make Pentaho 7.0 much likable.

Being Pentaho – the stalwart in BI technologies, it is surely worth the wait, with umpteen features to strike a chord with the user community.

We @ SPEC INDIA are a specialist Business Intelligence Company in India focussing on services across the Pentaho product stack. We, being global certified partners with Pentaho, have executed multiple comprehensive BI solutions worldwide. SPEC INDIA is proud of certified partners of Pentaho and officially features in the Pentaho Partner Network List. We have certified Pentaho consultants who are experts in using the Pentaho tools. Our Pentaho Business Intelligence services provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions, which would typically cover data integration, data cleansing, data consolidation and visualization using the Pentaho product stack.


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