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Top 26 Popular Apps Developed In React Native


February 19, 2020


March 11th, 2024


In 2018, React Native had the 2nd highest number of contributors for any repository in GitHub

React Native has been the latest buzzword in the era of cross-platform apps. Numerous apps are using React Native Development – ranging from startups to large conglomerates. The most fascinating part of React Native is that it merges the positives of native and hybrid apps, to the finest. Both, the iOS and Android versions of the application have 3/4th of the codebase as consistent, reducing the development time significantly. Overall, it offers a seamless native-like user feel and experience.

It utilizes JavaScript with JSX, ES6, and ReactJS. It facilitates the designing of the mobile app with React Native components, later compiled into native apps that look and feel almost like those with native technologies and tools.

Time and again, much has been said and written about React Native as against Ionic or Flutter, and React Native as against Native Script. And, there have been umpteen conditions where React Native has proved its mettle by offering the best of applications, in a wide-spread industry zone.

React Native – The History

  • Started as an internal Hackathon project by Facebook in 2013
  • Developed by Facebook and related communities
  • The first release in March 2015 on GitHub
  • Written in Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, Objective C

React Native – An Overview

  • Supported by Facebook and the community empowered
  • Seamless and cross-platform in nature
  • Written in JavaScript, delivered in native code
  • Creation of native apps and interactive UIs for iOS and Android using React
  • Learn once, write anywhere concept
  • Reusable code across platforms
  • Live reloading of changed code without rebuilding

Why is React Native App Development So Popular?

  • React Native is considered ideal when it comes to hybrid apps. It leverages the graphical processing unit while building the app, and hence offers enhanced performance.
  • There is a large amount of code reusability with React Native and hence is a developer’s delight, especially when it comes to writing the same code for iOS and Android.
  • It is sincerely supported by a large community, apart from Facebook. This gives the best push in terms of real open-source culture.
  • The support for modular architecture offers enhanced productivity and superior team potential.
  • It empowers the IT staff to view the code changes immediately, barring the need to restart the application. It allows both windows to be simultaneously operated – with the changes and other the code.

26 Popular Apps Built With React Native

  1. Ads Manager

    Again, owned by Facebook, Ads Manager is its first complete React Native app, which is cross-platform in nature. It has an attractive UI, insightful UX, and easy navigational steps that offer a great experience to its end users. It was first released on Android and then it came out on iOS.

    The Ads Manager by Facebook is an important tool for the online community as it empowers its users to keep viewing and monitoring their paid marketing campaigns from their mobile devices. React Native and the JavaScript framework are competent enough to handle the various levels of complexities in terms of different formats of currency, payment, time zone, ad format, etc.

    Yet another USP in utilizing React Native is that the animation controls and transitions look very natural and don’t showcase a single flaw in them. The complete look and feel are a pleasure to the eyes with swiftness and efficacy.

  2. Facebook

    The creator of React Native, Facebook is supposed to be on the top list of companies leveraging the power of their creation. React Native is utilized in the iOS and Android versions of the Facebook app. There is a novel feature called Events Dashboard that has been converted to React Native to undergo certain important kinds of testing.

  3. Myntra

    Myntra is a known big name in the world of retailers and online shopping, fashion, and lifestyle products, especially in India. It offers the best user experience; secure and robust shopping deals and all that any customer would look for.

    React Native has been primarily instrumental in assisting Myntra showcase a beautiful catalog of products, placing orders, showing profiles, an attractive user interface, and design, etc.

    Most of the iOS and Android screens of the application make use of React Native. Myntra has been using this technology to redesign its apps since React Native supports bulk scaling.

  4. Airbnb

    Airbnb is a known app in the global online marketplace for lodging facilities. The development team at Airbnb has been making use of React Native owing to its reusability component and refactoring as well. This turned out to be a great benefit for the mobile app that AirBnB offers.

  5. Bloomberg

    As a well-known global business and finance news aggregator app, Bloomberg has been leveraging React Native for its iOS and Android platforms. It is being used for continuous updates of cross-platform applications.

    Because React Native gives a great experience with videos, content, and live feeds, it was chosen as the apt technology at Bloomberg. Automatic app reloads, code refreshing, and cross-platform native app features are some of the striking reasons it was chosen by Bloomberg.

  6. Uber Eats

    This globally renowned food delivery app has been using React Native to offer an enhanced UI and UX experience to its clients. There is a mobile / desktop-based dashboard for restaurants with different functionalities like push and sound notifications that have been created with React Native.

    Uber Eats has been able to connect the different stakeholders – the restaurants, drivers, and clients, together, by using React Native. The features of React Native – scalability, online payment, usage of local functionalities, etc. have been instrumental in driving Uber Eats to utilize this technology and helping developers meet their marketplace requirements.

  7. Gyroscope

    Gyroscope is a wonderful application that tracks and empowers its users to fulfill their health-focused objectives like weight loss, enhanced overall health, peaceful sleep, increased productivity, and more.

    Thanks to React Native, Gyroscope can even suggest further courses of action in terms of diet plans, workout regimes, rest schedules, etc. There is a seamless integration with HealthKit to monitor the steps, heart rate, meditation activities, and so on, to showcase the entire well-being profile of the client.

    There is a detailed report that showcases relevant information on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, with faster development speed. Different software and hardware integrations are also easily possible with React Native.

  8. Instagram

    React Native has offered an easy maintenance routine to Instagram – one of the most talked-about social media platforms that have been acquired by Facebook long back. No wonder, React Native has been the preferred choice for Instagram.

    React Native has been used for Instagram owing to integrated features like push notifications, providing an alluring user interface, faster shipment of features, increasing developer speed, and more. Thanks to this technology, Instagram has a highly simplified view and user interface, along with code-sharing functionality between iOS and Android.

  9. Discord

    Discord has been a popular and free voice and chat application, especially for game enthusiasts and social media lovers. React Native has helped their iOS and Android versions to share the same code almost entirely, facilitating faster development and easy maintenance.

    It was originally used for Discord’s iOS version but looking at its features like code reusability and faster development cycle, it went onto Android too.

  10. Walmart

    A Fortune 500 giant needs no introduction. There is much that the Walmart application offers especially its online system. And, React Native is instrumental in offering much of its goodness to Walmart. Most of the code of Walmart’s app has been seamlessly shared between iOS and Android versions. This has helped cut down on development costs and efforts.

    Their mobile app has been giving clients a great versatile experience, with the help of React Native. The performance of apps has bettered, development time has lessened, the native-like experience is available and secure payment with Walmart Pay is there.

  11. Discovery VR

    As the name calls, Discovery VR is an application that bridges the gap between the physical world and the virtual world. It offers an exceptional VR experience through its 360-degree videos. The entire user interface of this portal has been done in React Native.

    This portal, with React Native, can offer an unimaginable VR experience to its users through attractive surroundings, real like audio and video effects, real-world scenarios, and activities.

  12. Wix

    A popular online tool to create free websites with the least knowledge of coding, Wix has been leveraging the React Native positives to its best. It is a web hosting service that has millions of users and hence using React Native was a challenge. But they managed to pull in a great show with the least of development time and the best output.

  13. Townske

    Townske is a blogging platform, a travel guide, and a social media publisher that creates a synergy between the local community with travelers. React Native has been used by Townske for its user interface in their web and mobile applications. Speedy development, code reusability, and sharing, easy implementation are some of the features of React Naïve that have helped this application to be successful.

  14. Soundcloud Pulse

    As a startup music-sharing platform, Soundcloud Pulse has been a great music hosting environment with millions of users and music tracks participating. React Native has helped develop the app for Soundcloud Pulse, especially when there were just 3-4 resources available to do the coding. React Native’s advantages assisted them in coming up with an efficient model, even though they did not have enough knowledge about the technology or platforms.

  15. Huiseoul

    A Chinese company, Huiseoul (Trillionaire Inc.) has been a top provider of the Korean beauty range of the citizens of China. React Native has helped this organization implement an exceptional user experience through live chats and chatbots. The entire application was developed in a short span with limited resources, and thanks to React Native, it was implemented in a quick period.

  16. Pinterest

    Pinterest is all about collaborating, sharing, and exchange of ideas through different images/videos. As a popular social media platform, Pinterest involves a lot of interaction among a variety of users. And hence React Native helped them build a portal that is scalable, sturdy, and user-friendly.

    Pinterest’s mobile app can be accessed anywhere and showcases the advantages of using React Native.

  17. Facebook Analytics

    Yet another Facebook app enjoying the React Native potential is Facebook Analytics. This app empowers users to remain at the apex of their business growth with a variety of reports/metrics with a detailed overview.

    With the help of React Native, users can implement a tailor-made mobile view of their basic metrics, revenue generation, active users, etc.

  18. Tesla

    The popular Tesla app has its owners in straight communication with their vehicles. There is much you can do with this app – check to charge time, check car heating/cooling, lock/unlock from far away, find or diagnose your vehicle, etc.

    This app for electric cars and Powerwall battery owners is developed with React Native. There is a dark-themed user interface that is quite attractive and looks like a game.

  19. Skype

    Skype needs no introduction. It is Microsoft’s way to collaborate with friends and family through video and audio calls, text chatting, and sharing of documents. Skype has preferred using React Native in its cross-platform development wing, for its mobile apps and Windows desktop apps.

    This has made Skype faster, more effective, and much liked by the community of users worldwide.

  20. Salesforce

    Salesforce Development is considered the numero uno in the world of CRM software. Its mobile app is created using React Native and helps execute business right from the device. It offers seamless integration between business processes and showcases a multitude of features that can help businesses succeed and build strong customer relations.

  21. F8

    F8 is Facebook’s annual developer conference application. It ensures the attendees have a great experience, no hassles, and get the needed information instantly. The React Native-backed app has been offering a rewarding output.

    Users can watch all the latest keynote sessions, and videos, create personalized schedules, watch out for the physical location through maps, etc.

  22. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper is for novice coders who are yet to start learning to code. Built with React Native, this app helps newcomers learn to code the fun way, on a mobile device. The app is wise enough to start with a basic level and then progress to higher levels as the skills of users develop.

  23. Vogue

    Vogue is a known name when it comes to showcasing a variety of the latest news in the world of fashion, celebrities, beauty, homes, travel, entertainment, food, etc. The making of the Vogue magazine app takes its base from React Native and helps users wander into the world of entertainment.

  24. KFC

    KFC is a day-to-day name when it comes to an eating hangout or order-at-home place. KFC draws its basic development from React Native and through its app, millions of users are enjoying delicious meals at home.

  25. Adidas Glitch

    The Adidas GLITCH app is operational only in the UK, France, and Germany currently and is the only way you can get their starter packet. This React Native mobile app is the only way users can access these things, no way else.

  26. Delivery.com

    A popular retail delivery application, Delivery.com helps clients order online from their choice of online restaurants or shops. Based in the USA, this portal has its fundamental technology like React Native, the power of linking the plugin with its native counterpart. It assists clients in doing the shopping and enhances the e-commerce business. Thanks to React Native, the app executes quite smoothly currently.

React Native has been a revolutionary technology, in the world of cross-platform/hybrid app development. The above applications are living proof of that, though the list can still go on and on. With multiple advantages, React Native has a better tomorrow, with an increasing number of apps being developed in it and an increasing number of developer enthusiasts!

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