Parameters QlikView Qlik Sense
Overview QlikView sets a benchmark for data visualization and is meant for advanced analytics. It offers developers better control over application design and control and is more customizable. Qlik Sense is a self-service form of data visualization meant for business use cases. It is easy to use and user-friendly, but it does not offer many customization and development options.
AI-Driven Insights and NLP Not available Available
Targe Business Sizes Targets small, medium, and extensive industry segments Targets small and medium industry segments
OLAP Functionality Makes use of OLAP for analytics for analytical operations Does not have OLAP functionality for analytics
Self Service Visualization No provision for self-service visualization Offers self-service visualization capabilities
Guided Analytics Offers guided analytics function Does not have guided analytics
Augmented Intelligence Not available Available
Data Filters Needs data filters No need for data filters
Integrated App Development Offers an environment for Integrated App Development since it is a development-based tool There is no provision for Integrated App Development since it is a visualization-based tool.
Data Storytelling Feature not present Feature present in Qlik Sense
Modernized Analytics Provides basic visualization with no support for data mining Provides modern analytics with interactive UI and support for data mining
Visual Data Preparation Not available Available
Data Loading Slower in QlikView as compared to Qlik Sense Faster in Qlik Sense as compared to QlikView
Skilled Resources There is no need for technically trained developers; it is more user-friendly.
Language Support Supports only English as a language Supports English, Chinese, Japanese, and German
Popularity There are currently around 418 websites. The market share is around 0.42%. The overall position is around 42nd There are currently around 839 websites. The market share is around 0.84%. The overall position is around the 25th