Parameters Tableau Sisense
Overview A popular tool for data visualization and BI reporting business insights via customizable dashboards and reports A well-known single-stack BI tool that includes analyzing, visualizing, and reporting competencies with smart calculation options
Desktop and Mobile Platforms Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android
Data Import and Preparation Stores data on the cloud easily import data with Prep and Prep Conductor, smooths process Sufficient data storage for easy import of data, in-cloud data storage, and on-premises too
Type of Software Tableau is a downloadable software Sisense is a web-based tool
Solutions Does have a solution for sales taskforce and government organizations Does not have a solution for sales taskforce and government organizations
Pricing Pricing details are available on the website Does not release its pricing details to the public
Coding Knowhow Needs prior coding experience No coding know-how needed
Data Visualization Charts, tables, and geospatial visualizations at an advanced level Static and interactive visualization, at an advanced level
Data Governance Flexible data governance models for a completely customized experience Fixed data governance models including four key user roles for administration
Embedded Analytics Analytics can be embedded into the application through JavaScript API or iFrames Analytics can be embedded into dashboards through an embed code
On-premises & Cloud Tableau wins for on-premises data and systems Sisense wins for cloud-based services
CRM Support Tableau is powered by Salesforce and hence offers inherent support for CRM Sisense can use CRM with the help of Sisense Inherent Apps which is an external app
Processing Capability It uses in-memory technology called Hyper to increase processing speed Uses in-chip technology for processor-based computing and running concurrent queries
Training Schedules Offers in-person and online training, webinars, documentation Offers online training through webinars and documentation
Dashboard Comments Tableau provides dashboard comments Sisense does not provide dashboard comments

Sisense vs Tableau: Summing It Up

As we start concluding the comparison between Sisense vs Tableau, we feel that Sisense will be a perfect choice if the team prioritizes the creation of analytical tools and has multiple integration choices to make.

Sisense is also suitable for embedding your dashboard into the application. If you are looking for a tool that will assist in creating data-driven and analytical apps, Sisense is a better choice with its inbuilt features.

On a similar note, Tableau is a great choice when there is a need for varied visualizations and a high level of granularity in their activities. It is of great importance when you need detailed yet simple visuals to be shown. Also, it is best when there are multiple sources of data to be combined into a dashboard.

If you are searching for a tool that will have specified control over data permissions with internal dashboards for data analysis, Tableau is a better option.

Whichever you choose out of the two – Tableau vs Sisense, both have their own set of characteristics that can lead businesses to success. Select either and enjoy the great distinctions of the technology.

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