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January 21, 2016


May 2nd, 2023

The old school method of doing business is dead. There are too many websites to be seen; profile websites, single-page websites, and exhaustive websites. A website is like a visiting card of the days gone by. The smallest of the ventures and the most subtle of them, has it all – a digital id. A well-designed website with an engaging UI and UX is the call of the day.

Why have a website then? The reasons are many. Mostly the bottom line is that websites are the newest way to be seen, heard and to do business.

Website Development

Good Reasons to Have a Website

Establishing Credibility

A website establishes credibility. The digital id gives a reference and allows customers to search about the business online before making any contacts or before transacting. Digital invisibility harms real bad.

Confirms Professionalism

Having a website conveys that the business is contemporary and is very professional. Making tall claims verbally is one thing and putting it down over the internet in black and white requires a lot of responsibility and onus from the business.

True, that to give a very professional impression to the viewers, a website design goes a long way.

Combating Competitors

This is the most important and the most viable reason to be available online. A business without a website and with competitor having one means doom. A website simply makes the competitors more accessible, putting the business without a website lagging behind in terms of visibility.

Getting Discovered Through Search Engines

Customers are more aware and dynamic today. Doing their own homework before getting in touch with anyone for business or for evaluating a product is done online by all. It goes without saying then that, having a website increases the chances of being discovered online. Not having a website conveys a wrong impression to the net savvy leads that the business is not accessible and approachable.

They say that more than ninety percent of purchase decisions begin with a Search Engine.

The Website Gives Information 24*7

The business is open 24*7, so to say with a website. While dealing with products and services this is very important as being accessible and available all the time increases the chances of online business, circumventing the need to visit actually.

Advertising, Promotions and Branding

A good website acts as a complete profile of the business and advertises and promotes the business creating a good brand. A website can double up as many things; a good salesperson, a competent marketing guy, a product brochure and even that very expensive advertisement that is becoming dearer every passing day.

Modern Client Engagement

A website helps the business to reach out to new clients and keep up the relations with the existing ones as well.

By leveraging social media and other contemporary tools, a website is a completely different approach to sales and marketing. Marketing done with the help of a website opens up the potential of having clients from all around the world.

Since websites today are accessible from a variety of devices and platforms, they are instrumental in offering multiple touch points to the client base. The business not only engages the clients 24*7, a website also allows the clients to access the site and conduct business from anywhere and on the go.

Quick Method to Collect Feedbacks

A website can be turned into a comprehensive marketing tool, with use of various forms, surveys and indicative questionnaires. These feedbacks are collected with ease and help the business to work upon the flaws intuitively making the products and services better, engaging the clients on a long term.

Easy Way to Know the Nerve of the Market

A website allows different ways of communicating to the customers.

        • Blogs
        • Questionnaires
        • Forms
        • Product & Services Surveys
        • Online Support Portals

Conducting a thorough analysis of the responses helps the business estimate and predict the market and foresee the times to come.

In a Nutshell

SPEC INDIA recognizes the advantages of integrating technology into the very lives and the way we work. Going a step ahead, SPEC INDIA combines technology that complements each other and intuitively so.

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Delivering Digital Outcomes To Accelerate Growth
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