How I Went Mobile with Enterprise Resource Planning


April 18, 2017


December 20th, 2022

Labeled one of the most successful business conglomerates today in south-east Asia and headquartered in India, my corporate started out very small, years ago in an age where technology remained luxury to be afforded only by a few. That was the time when computers had started seeping in and I was quick enough to integrate them into the back offices of my manufacturing units and distribution & logistics channels for my various FMCG businesses as well as my restaurants & hotel chains with robust Custom ERP systems.

Each of my businesses has very specific different needs and whatever I try, technology remains always one step ahead of me. The latest one on the block was mobile ERP solutions.

Mobile ERP

A few years ago the smartphones came as a rude shock to me, caused indiscipline of sorts amongst my workforce, or so I thought; brought me face to face with the always-on-the-go partners & dealers completely scaring me off and also the geeky clients & customers, who I thought was as good as being written off. Until I discovered what the new generation wants and their changing expectations opening my eyes and making me adapt.

In a millennial world, Custom mobile ERP system changes a lot for me and ways of working for my enterprises which truly move with the times keeping in sync with all around. Engaging the millennials is a different game altogether and a change in the ERP systems was in the offing.

A Mobile ERP is a combination of integrated applications that my enterprises use to collect relevant data to convert it to meaningful information with the help of contemporary techniques like Big Data and Business Intelligence along with Cloud services, Cloud computing and other trending technologies. Very thoughtful security policies are implemented to keep these systems away from vulnerabilities and breaches.

The very thin lines between the various indispensable systems like Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship converge into one when they become a part of Enterprise Relationship Management.

The Changes around me

The increasing number of the millennials in my teams, was a cause of a constant clash with the management till I tried to get into their psyche and what they wanted. Flexi working was passé and what they were looking for was work-life integration and most certainly not work-life balance.

The customers all around had different requirements too. They wanted to be able to do things on their own in the self-service mode, right from knowing how to get the best deals around to ordering and even tracking their orders. They had different sets of expectations from the way we maintained relations with them too. And the dealers and partners had the scariest of all requirements. They needed visibilities into my own enterprises where they interacted.


  • Statistics say that mobile devices increase the efficiency of operations by more than ninety percent
  • BYOD, Bring Your Own Device becomes the millennial way for all the stakeholders of the businesses
  • Integrating trending technologies into workflows keep the employees motivated, customers engaged & partners in sync

Mobile ERP Benefits

A mobile ERP systems development was certainly in the offing becoming the new way for enterprise solutions and promising to offer this younger lot ways to satisfy their expectations. It was time for me and my enterprises to change to our own advantage.

Improved Efficiencies

Mobile ERPs turn the enterprises into untethered workplaces allowing the workforce to be connected to the offices at all times. The extended visibilities, the continuous involvement and the ease of access ERP workflows turn into any time anywhere processes, improving the efficiencies of functioning without any scope for bottlenecks. A mobile ERP system creates virtual offices on the go.

  • Key people remain aware of issues & can even predict them
  • Critical decisions arrive on time
  • Improves employee engagement

Continuous Real-Time Data for Analytics & KPI Measurements

A mobile ERP captures data like none other with contemporary devices like the tiny beacons grabbing attention and more. With Analytics integrated into the ERP system, my key people get actionable insights into improving their visibilities & the decision-making process in a big way leaving no room for incompetencies.

Key performance indicator analysis becomes possible with increased precision and appropriate timings with a mobile ERP in place.

Contemporary User Experiences

Employees shift seamlessly between devices of choice in and out of the office, increasing productivity and efficiency. My dealers and partners get transparency to the operations with the easy access through a mobile-enabled ERP system. Customers too, move towards omnichannel experiences and remain engaged better with assured loyalties with a mobile ERP in place.

Interdepartmental Co-ordination

A mobile ERP ensures the tight coupling of the processes and data sharing within the various departments of my enterprise to offer seamless experiences to all with reduced redundancies and increased efficiencies.

Gives an Edge over the Competitors

A mobile ERP certainly keeps my businesses one step ahead of competition simply because my people are fast in taking decisions and always aware of the markets and the customer expectations.

Words of Caution

The only nightmare I face with a mobile ERP solution is keeping in pace with the hordes of mobile devices teeming up every now and then. The operating systems like iOS and Android succeed in making the situation worst.

The constant updates and patches to the operating systems need to be reflected in the apps and solutions integrating into the mobile ERP, say my consultants and the choices between native and cross-platform developments is a tight rope to walk too.

Striking a balance between the on-premise and the Cloud approach is the tricky business to get the much-expected flexibility and save costs.

Adding Value to my Businesses

Mobile ERP strengthens various facets of my business by enabling automation and generating extended visibilities for people. Technology enhances core functionalities across my businesses

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems

In a Nutshell 

A mobile ERP solution with the power of mobility is definitely one of the most innovative and intuitive usages of technology for enterprises. With virtually no limits to put this concept to use, a mobile ERP changes the way we work, the way we relate to partners like vendors, suppliers, and distributors as also customers with assured improvements in productivity and efficiency by converging trending technologies like the IoT, Cloud, Big Data & Analytics.

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