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  • Posted on : January 30, 2014
  • Modified: February 25, 2022

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How to acquire a perfectly robust and tailor made application for an organization?


Custom software development caters to made-to-order development of software for a particular organization, specifically tailored to suit and incorporate the requirements of the client. The IPR and ownership of the application is the sole property of the organization.

Organizations have specific business and technical needs, which can best be addressed by custom software solutions. Many a times they also have ideas and innovations that need to be developed and in such scenarios, custom software development works best. It is an efficient and effective methodology to achieve utmost client satisfaction and fulfill all the functional / technical requirements with unblemished conformity.

Customized solutions are most cost-effective and reliable when an organization is multifunctional with diverse requirements and involvement of the end-users is a necessity.

Customized software development encompasses the entire software development life cycle, involving the client and the software team right from the requirements phase till the implementation phase. That is the crux of custom development: it has customer involvement and approval process as a part of the life cycle of the application.

Custom Software Development Service

Why Custom Software Development?

  • No change in business workflows: Since, custom software development caters to client requirements specifically, the organization does not have to change any existing business workflows. It is a precise approach to increase productivity, reduce risks and improve quality.
  • Ease of Implementation : As it is tailor made to the requirements of the organization, acceptability in the user community is very high and hence easier to implement than a off-the-shelf product where organizations may need to change their business workflows
  • Minimal rework: As the client has actively been involved right from the inception of the entire project till its implementation, chances of lack of understanding and rework is minimized to a large extent.
  • Better User Experience : Because the entire project is customized to meet the user needs and requirements, the UI / UX is tailor made and this methodology can provide better user experience.
  • No licensing issues: The custom software being developed is entirely the client’s ownership; hence, there are no issues of licensing.
  • A wholesome solution: The custom software application would be robust, scalable and flexible enough to portray a complete package.

Custom Software Development @ SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA is a ISO 9001:2015 certified software application development company in India with a rich variety of experience in developing custom software applications. We, @ SPEC INDIA, are quality bound and adhere to our standard set of matured and tested processes and procedures which we follow. Our wide range of proficiency, over the years, has enabled a noteworthy trust of customers in SPEC INDIA, which is why; we can demonstrate expertise in customised services like web applications, desktop applications, enterprise mobile applications and BI / Big Data Analytics services. We have the bandwidth to execute enterprise custom development projects end to end, from analysis, design, development, testing to deployment and post deployment support and maintenance support. Our services include MIS reporting, Dashboards, Data Analysis and Predictive Analysis using BI tools and integration with SAP, ERP and other legacy systems. We also provide value added technical advice, related to procurement of devices, deployment, networking and infrastructure.

We @ SPEC INDIA carry an experience of 27+ years in the industry and have implemented several mission critical customized enterprise solutions for various esteemed mid-sized to large enterprise clients, which include Fortune 100 corporations, shipping companies, FMCG’s, health care organizations and many more… We have a experienced and qualified team to manage such large implementations and have well laid processed to provide 365x24x7 critical maintenance support.

We can create flexible and cost effective business models based on your requirements, that can value add to your services and provide a higher level of satisfaction to your organization and your customers.

We would be glad to interact with you for any such need of custom software development. Feel free to write to us at [email protected] for your requirements.

For detailed information, do visit our website www.spec-india.com


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