What Women Want!! The Expected and the Unexpected of Apps!

It is not everyday that I am asked to give an opinion about what women like, what women want, what women expect, let aside what apps a woman would like to have on her mobile.

On the most natural impulse I peep into my own mobile, for there are innumerable number of apps eating up the very precious space on my device. But most are unused after the enthusiastic download and forgotten soon enough. Engaging a user in not easy they say now-a-days. How true!

But, coming back to the point, the mobile apps development community wanting to analyze what apps women want are heading towards a rude shock, especially when the opinion comes from a confirmed misfit like me.

What Women Want

Being Selfish, All About the Apps I Swear By

What did you expect, very honestly? Housekeeping apps? Apps to keep my kid under my watchful eye? Apps to monitor my home when I am away? Apps to find the best deals for stuff & keep track of the sales? Grocery apps? Fashion? Beauty?

Grow up………..


The most important app on my phone has to be Uber. It gives me peace of mind besides anything else, as a cab is just a tap away and I avoid driving in the mad city – 24*7. Uber helps me avoid freighting around my teenage kid & aging parents myself and just simply order a cab and put them on one.

I stop being the unpaid driver and focus better on work I am meant for!

Fitness & Well-being Apps

Stress free me, means a peaceful existence for the rest of the family. The day I was enlightened with this knowledge, by my physician, I was quick enough to get a fitbit into my fold and promptly download the app that comes with it too.

One thing led to the other and I end up having a Yoga app with meditation, a cooking healthy app to keep cautioning myself about what I eat and an app that unwinds me to put me to sleep too!

And the best part is that it seems to be working!

Google Maps

My road sense is a constant nightmare for me and I find it difficult to navigate to common places from different starting points. Till late this was a source of discontent with many in my friends & family and my “got lost” incidents kept putting me in a spot more than many times.

I overcome this handicap with Google Maps.


I need to be connected with all who matter, discretely 24 * 7. Not the types who would accept calls in the middle of discussions and also responsible enough to know when to stop, being connected keeps me sane, improving my effective working hours manifolds.

Besides of course my family, colleagues, acquaintances & the support systems, it is imperative that I remain rational by communicating with closest of buddies who help keep my bearings right!


Is that old aunt who knows everything. So, when I want to find new games for organizing a party for my twelve year old, find the recipe for a stress buster cooler or loose inches or a quick fix idea to liven up my working table this is it.

News & Magazines

It really matters to me to be in sync with stuff happening around. News & magazine apps keep me enticed and absorbed, especially when there is time to kill in between running errands. They are my library on the move an intuitive idea for mobile app development.

Top on my list are

  • Medium
  • The Times of India
  • Economic Times
  • BBC News

Also, the very interesting book recommendations & reviews app Goodreads to keep discovering new books on the go!


OneNote helps me organize my to-dos, which are endless and also have amazingly different types of lists & notes for home & work which integrate easily with my documents, presentations & emails on the phone as well as my laptop.


Keeps me connected to the happenings in the corporate world and since quite a bit of work I do is remote, Lin in fact becomes a peer group for me too!

Food, Food, Food

My phone does have the grocery apps but more importantly Foodpanda, Zomato & iRestaurant, to help me order the grub for everyone, with the best possible deals on offer they help me know which is the closest restaurant located near me when I am stuck. And of course the usual life lines Dominos & Fasoos can never find a replacement!

But, enough of me!

Coming to Things for All Women

Who am I. Who are the Women Across the Globe?

I am of course one of the very few blessed women in the world. Born in a safe & conducive place, born to a family with the right attitude, I do get away with not matching up with most of the general expectations out of a woman.

Women all around the world have basically a similar story to tell, assuming different roles all through their lives. Multitasking comes naturally to all women and is the biggest feat to be achieved by almost all. Cross-cultural, contemporary apps from various mobile app development companies come up to make it easier for women, improving the qualities of their lives and of course their efficiencies in multitasking!

Safety Apps

It is a shame that crimes against women are on a rise and safety apps launched seem promising enough to counter these, at least to a certain extent. A safety app generally keeps the lady connected to a few contacts who could be alerted when needed, quite discretely. The location can be shared instantly with a warning message and trigger intuitively with a vigorous shake or a shriek.

Scream Alarm

A safety alarm which lets out a female scream at the push of a button, enough to put off someone intimidating.

Circle of 6

Allows adding up to 6 friends to the circle and when in an alarming situation, a SMS is sent with the exact location of the owner of the phone. In select cities Circle of 6 connects to 24h hotlines for safety and information.

Tracking Kids Whereabouts & Happenings on the Devices

Once a mom, always a mom, 24*7. Ongoings in the world does freak women out and for our peace of mind it is best that we keep a track of where the kids are and also what happens on their social media. Nope, not spying only being in charge here with apps like TeenSafe & MamaBear!

Home Services Apps

Availing services of a plumber, electrician, gardener all screened for safety and reliability become an integral part of the phones. Catching the urban India by a rage, I think this is better than looking up a yellow page and never know who turns up with what abilities.


A one stop destination for all urban lifestyle services showcasing & connecting local professionals to people needing services. An on-demand App in its own right, Urban clap, besides the usual home services also connects to fitness instructors, beauticians, teachers and even tax consultants.

Shopping & Deals Apps

The shopping & deals apps need no introduction and are really helpful in bagging great discounts from trusted sites offering a variety of products like Electronics, Books, Health & Personal care, Apparels, Sports, Shoes, Jewellery, Kitchenware, Appliances, Furniture and more. Deals are on offer for various services like restaurants, shops, parlors, salons, stores and many more too.

With a touch of personalization these apps cater to specific tastes keeping user engagement really high.


  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay


  • Groupon
  • NearBuy
  • Snapdeal

Grocery Apps

These apps becomes the grocery store next door accessible on the go, 24*7!

Big basket

An indispensable tool for many women in India, Big basket brings the patrons fresh produce, staples and supplies becoming a one-stop grocery store with the extremely popular option of choosing delivery times and also express delivery.

Banking & Payments Apps

With women on the move, women working remote & online these apps save a huge amount of time in transferring payments as well as taking care of the bills with ease.


One of the proudest achievement for a now settled progressive Indian government, BHIM links to the registered bank account with a simple UPI PIN. The mobile number is the payment address and it is easy enough to send & receive money. At shops scanning the QR codes of merchants saves the unnecessary hassles of entering details.


Demonetization saw the rise of PaytmKaro overnight for the fastest online payments, mobile recharge & mobile bills, DTH recharge & utility bills, travel, movies, shopping or to send or accept payments.


The answer for every woman transacting with clients across the globe in more than a hundred countries through only email or phone number. A simple integration of bank & credit card details is all that is needed.

In a Nutshell

They say you are either connected or asleep. How true! And for a woman the worst nightmare generally is multitasking. Mobile app development companies come up with apps to keep her in complete control of work, home & kids and help her strike the mythical poise. As work-life balance is out and work-life integration is in, mobile apps become the new-age tools to be in charge for a woman!

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