Custom ERP Software (Mobile ERP) From SPEC INDIA

As one of the best ERP solutions, SPEC INDIA’s cloud-based, scalable, customizable, and integrated Mobile ERP software can perform all business-critical transactions as well as automating operational processes in the organization.

Accessible on multiple devices mobile/desktops/laptops/tablet/smart screens / wireless display, it gives a single point of real-time data reference.

This comprehensive solution offers access to real-time data across the organization – corporate offices, production plants, warehouses, distribution centers, transport cells, on the fleet, delivery points, etc. As a leading custom ERP development company, SPEC INDIA ensures its ERP software focuses on live monitoring/fleet tracking & reporting of the entire dataset, on-the-go or off-the-field at a centralized center with summarized data of multiple geo-locations and activities. It encompasses robust portals for customer and vendor access.


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Discover How Custom ERP Software Modules Can Augment Productivity And Profitability

Mobile ERP Benefits

As one of the top ERP companies in India, SPEC INDIA has shown successful implementation of ERP systems of different genre – ERP for SME / startups, cloud-based ERP solutions and more. Owing to the following prime motives, SPEC INDIA has been the preferred ERP software provider, all over the globe.

  • Identical user-friendly interface for web portals and mobile applications
  • Maximum features and reports of all modules available on mobile app
  • Highly secured login methods (pin, finger print, OTP, face detection)
  • Geo-fencing to restrict the work area and restricted access based on user location/device/sim ID
  • Tracks user movements graphically on map
  • Verified critical transactions using QR code and OTP (warehouse to the van, cash deposit to cashier etc.)
  • Intelligent reports for top-level management for forecasting, budgeting & planning
  • Custom report builder to get interactive reports in various formats (table/chart etc. as per requirements)
  • Capability and expertise to integrate third-party devices/hardware

Our Assurance

Easy Installation & Minimum Go To Live Time
Flexible & Fully Customizable as Per Business Processes
Mobile Ready, Native App Works Online/Offline
24x7 SLA based Support
Increased Productivity & Profitability
Increased ROI
Interactive & Personalized UI/UX
Top-Notch Security (Pin , Finger Print, OTP, Face Detection)

Significant Benefits of SPEC INDIA’s Custom ERP System

SPEC INDIA’s ERP system has been popular as one of the best ERP solutions, across a wide range of industry segments, owing to the following major advantages, that it carries along:

  • Interactive & user-friendly UI/UX
  • Multiple companies, multiple languages, multiple currencies
  • Suitable for Small, Medium, Large Enterprise Businesses
  • Flexible admin configuration for user/role-based access
  • Real-time data access across the organization
  • Deployable on-premise as well as on the cloud
  • In-built messaging functionality
  • Highly configurable and customizable SMS / email templates
  • Data integration functionality:  Import / export master data
  • Customizable/multi-level promotions at different levels
  • Support for attachments (documents, video, audio, images etc.)
  • Pre-built templates for request, approval, complaints & greetings
  • Generate, print and scan QR / bar code for customers / products
  • Warehouse management – keeping track of stock
  • Fully automated end-to-end Sales & Distribution process
  • Business work flow standardization
  • Point of sale & store management
  • Event based, configurable multi-level notifications / approvals
  • Reduced IT Cost & training efforts to carry out daily operations
  • Bill of Material and production processes setup
  • Rating mechanism/framework for customers, vendors & sales persons
  • Asset life cycle tracking (Purchase > Depreciation > Disposal)

External Hardware Integration

Why SPEC INDIA For ERP Software Development Services?

  • Dedicated to Quality; guaranteeing a striking balance between Cost, Scope and Time for every effort. Quality assurance is at the pedestal of our work
  • An ISO 9001:2015 certified custom software solutions company with over three decades of reliable and continuous services
  • Expert team to fill-out the business gaps and implement Mobile ERP Solution
  • 24×7 support & maintenance by specialized & experienced professionals
  • A team of skilled designers, architects, developers, project managers & testers, delivering multi technology, multi domain, multi-location implementations for enterprise business solutions
  • Our existence in more than 35 countries across America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East Asia and Asia says it all

Industries We Served

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting, finance, food industries, retail, logistic, and production domains are primary users of the ERP system.

Customization of an ERP system refers to modifications to be done in an ERP to meet the specific business requirement.

Poor project management, lack of vision, resistance to change, budget, internal misalignment, and inadequate planning are some of the reasons ERP systems may fail.

Configuration of an ERP system refers to the process of changing the ERP system’s components such as time zones, currency, languages, and platforms so that it integrates well with the business environment.

Mobile ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system and can be accessed through mobile devices and tablets. It ensures real-time communication and data transfer to give you more control and flexibility.

ERP helps businesses organize all data in a central place, enable better allocation and planning of resources, streamline and automate business processes to significantly improve overall performance.

Custom ERP is designed in accordance with the company’s environment and objectives and opposite to that, off-the-shelf ERP is a packaged software with built-in advanced features that have to be configured as per the organization.

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