We are committed to the high standards of performances we have set for ourselves. We ensure this, by following a process driven approach rather than people driven approach, achieving this by implementing ISO 9001:2015.

We accomplish exceptional performances in all our undertakings by synchronizing a striking balance between Cost, Scope and Time ensuring that at SPEC INDIA for every project rolled out, Quality is at the helm. Our Quality Assurance Practice lifecycle sets the top-notch guidelines for all our projects to perpetuate quality.

Ensuring Quality in Software Development Process

SPEC INDIA monitors its software development processes through integrated Quality Assurance practices. These practices are integrated seamlessly into any of the project execution methodologies; the Agile software development model, the Iterative Model or the Waterfall Model.

Planned and systematic approach to assure quality is achieved by adhering to standardized processes. All the documents and developed code is under configuration management.

This process is tailored to client and project specific requirements and standards. Quality practices are implemented at every stage of the software development process. The documented procedures and review meetings at every stage monitor and ensure the quality we promise.

Ensuring Quality Tailored to Client & Project Requirements