Healthcare Software Solutions @ SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA, as an expert Custom Healthcare Software Development Company, offers best-in-class Healthcare IT services & Healthcare software services  that focus on integrating a wide range of health-related activities that can be available to all – easily, swiftly, and efficiently. Our niche healthcare solutions aim towards providing near real-time information, operative and clear prominence across stakeholders – doctors, owners, government bodies, patients, clinicians, insurance sectors, and so on.

Our custom healthcare software development leverages the potential of today’s mantra – the mobile technology and provides high-quality mobile apps, in the desired framework, offering an excellent experience to the patients, doctors, employees, and all concerned. Our healthcare mobility solutions aim to help hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and clinics overcome the challenges that come their way, enhancing their business profitability and productivity. We have an expert pool of resources with domain experience in healthcare IT consultancy services, owing to the multiple projects successfully done by us for our clients globally.

Healthcare Analytics

A futuristic solution that caters to a bouquet of analytical healthcare requirements including predictive care, which ensures better care and lower costs. It is all about looking at the future and acting accordingly, much in advance.

  • Preliminary Customer Interaction
  • Manage Doctor Visit
  • Simplify Customer Education
  • Data Management
  • Analytics & BI Reports
  • Revenue/Ticket Analysis Dashboard

Hospital Management Systems

A web-based app that automates all operations in a hospital / clinic, beginning from registering a patient to report generation and collection and more. It facilitates smooth operations that happen daily and provides the best of information.

  • Patient Registration & History
  • Clinical Test Reports
  • Cash/Non-Cash Transactions
  • Report generation / collection
  • Diagnosis & Chemist Prescription
  • Cash/ Non-Cash Transactions

Wellness App

A mobile app for collective healthcare & wellness that includes a weight management program to help your employees stay fit and healthy. Robust, accurate and efficient – this app is fit for all.

  • Track exercise & weight reduction over a timeline
  • Health-o-meter and dashboard analytics
  • Top weight losers in the team with collective weight index
  • Social sharing and health tips

Home Care Apps/Apps For Elderly Care

An application for Home Care and age care agencies to plan and manage care plans for patients and track and manage care takers.

  • Search patients
  • Track scheduled visits for the day
  • View patient history
  • Obtain directions to patient location
  • Time Check In / out for a specific visit

Enterprise Mobility For Healthcare

Enterprise mobile apps specially made for the healthcare segment, highly effective in performing activities like checking medical history, symptoms, and references. These mobility solutions increase working efficacy.

  • Lesser Insurance costing
  • Inexpensive Health monitoring
  • Remote Healthcare
  • Setting up Appointment
  • Share Medical Chronicles
  • Patient Portal