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Forthcoming Launch of Self-Service BI Plug-In for Pentaho Community Edition Users – Accelerating a Level Ahead, Poised for Further Growth


July 11, 2017


December 22nd, 2023

SPEC INDIA, a leading BI & Big Data enterprise solution provider, has always initiated various technological moves supporting the developer community, to its optimum. Around 2 years back, the proficient BI team @ SPEC INDIA designed and developed a Self-Service BI Plug-in, for the users of the Pentaho Community Edition, with an objective for it to serve as a dashboard module for business analysts to independently create reusable widgets / dashboards with visually appealing features. This plug-in, in this span of 2 years, managed to create a lot of popularity and curiosity amongst the end user community, which encouraged the team to enhance it further. There were two updated versions, put up on the Pentaho marketplace, each of them value adding certain features to it, thereby increasing its acceptance and usage amongst the user community.

Some salient features of this open source web based / Bootstrap based plug-in are its mobile friendliness and responsive design, filtration and widget linking, easily embeddable and multi-tenant capability.

With such an encouraging feedback and increased popularity from all over the globe, our BI team is now highly focused on coming up with a cutting-edge version of the plug-in, imbibing novel features and highly useful advancements, that is sure to enthrall the end users with its high end flexibility, usability and independence in terms of information retrieval and visualization capabilities.


With the launch of this advanced version just around the corner, let us have a look at the major highlights that are being focused upon.

Flexy Cube (Additional Data Source apart from CDA and Saiku)

  • Create flexy cube for star-schema based database
  • Easy to use flexy cube with easy creation of chart by adding measures and dimension
  • Connect, Select, Join, Save features


  • Create flexy cube for star-schema based database
  • Draggable and resizable pins
  • Multiple charting library support like Highcharts, Fusioncharts, Echarts, CCC charts
  • Advanced chart editing properties using json editor
  • Smart chart suggestion for added measure and dimensions
  • Chart listener – click on chart and pass on the value to one / multiple pins
  • Variety of filters like Multiselect, Combobox and Datepicker to apply on pins
  • Advanced table grid features like sorting, searching, pagination etc.
  • Conditional formatting to be applied on table grid & measures
  • Interesting background colors for dashboards including a transparent one
  • Provision to leave comments for particular charts in preview mode
  • View charts and table in full screen (Zoom) in preview mode
  • Export data for charts and tables in CSV and Excel format

SPEC INDIA is looking forward to launch this latest version soon and thereby benefit its Pentaho end user community with further fascinating and useful features of this Self-service BI plug-in. Till then, you can download this plug-in from the Pentaho Marketplace and leverage the skills of serving your own needs yourself, without any external dependency.

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