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SPEC INDIA Enthusiastically Celebrates Diwali – The Festival Of Joy, Happiness And Rejoice


October 25, 2019

Life @ SPEC INDIA is all about work and fun. Diwali is here and we @ SPEC INDIA, leave no stone unturned in making the most out of the wonderful festivals we celebrate.

We had a wonderful and joyous Diwali celebration in our office premises. It was all time to bring a smile on everyone’s face and welcome Diwali with fun-filled, colorful and creative competitions and exciting prizes.

The entire event was split into two exciting activities:

Rangoli Competition

A lavish spread of colors, concepts, designs, and creativity at its best

Our artistic and zealous colleagues created a variety of rangolis at pre-defined locations, in the office premises, with inspiring themes, lovely colors and sharp precision.

Rangoli Competition

Our task force, with utmost dedication, accuracy, and creativity, portrayed multifaceted themes encompassing different ideas like environment, equality, etc. Different materials like colors, grains, pebbles, grass, flowers, etc. were used to enhance the beauty of these rangolis.

Desk Decoration

SPEC INDIA looked like a rainbow of colors, an interesting workplace with a diversity of decorations. Our colleagues gave out their best to decorate their office space to the finest.

Desk Decoration

Balloon, ribbons, thematic and traditional displays, games and what not! The entire workplace had a complete makeover, exuberating festivity, happiness, and togetherness.

Last but not least, the entire event concluded with a small get together, followed by prize distribution, snacks, and refreshments. Festivities in the air, happiness all around, enthusiasm to perform best and closeness binding the SPEC INDIA taskforce together – What better way to celebrate Diwali!

Celebrating Light, Happiness, and Goodness Around the World, SPEC INDIA wishes everyone a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year Ahead!!!