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SPEC INDIA, Successfully, Establishes its Global Footprints in the Nordic Region


July 11, 2017


October 3rd, 2022

The Nordic countries, a.k.a Scandinavia, have been capturing the world’s attention with the economic and business opportunities, they offer. A historical and cultural-linguistic region in Northern Europe, Scandinavia has been enjoying a friendly and cordial relationship with India.

The major highlights of this engagement has been setting up a development and enhancement offshore team, that can scale up their comprehensive referral marketing solution that focuses on growth and expansion of referral network of consumers and implementation of DevOps, the cutting-edge project execution methodology today, which emphasizes on swifter delivery of applications lessening the gap between the development and operations teams. It ensures enhanced client satisfaction, increase in RoI and highest level of agility.


Here is a snapshot of the major business / technical achievements of this project:

Business Benefits

  • Continuous delivery to business in terms of new functionalities
  • Reduction in manual work
  • Proper documentation for knowledge sharing and training

Technical Benefits

  • An appropriate branching strategy for source code
  • Continuous integration methods using Visual Studio Online
  • Proper documentation using Wiki pages
  • Efficient system monitoring with Cloud Watch

SPEC INDIA is proud to have successfully set its foothold in Sweden and looks forward to expand further in the Nordic regions.  Have a glimpse at our project execution methodologies, expertise, achievements and global spread as a single stop IT partner and request a Free POC to test drive our services.