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Thirty Years and a Long Way to Go! SPEC INDIA All Set to Rejoice!


November 14, 2017


September 30th, 2022

It is only once, one will celebrate thirty years of existence, which SPEC India is all set to celebrate in a week full of jubilations with its 200+ family of consultants rejoicing!

Seven days and more of fun & happiness to celebrate the foundation week is what all of SPEC INDIA is looking forward to. With employee inboxes flooded with plans of celebrations and their enthusiastic responses only takes us back in time when we started with only a handful!


Offering consistent and sustained world class software services SPEC INDIA celebrates thirty years of association with Fortune 100 companies as well as SMEs & startups across the globe. Our millennial age solutions offer impetus to businesses transforming them digitally to match the pace of technology & expectations of the users. As an ISO 9001:2015 company we ensure process driven agile approaches in all our delivery & quality assurance practices and testing.

We step into the fourth decade of our existence with a definite roadmap starting from our steadfast practices like Java & Microsoft to the Mobility Solutions, BI, Big Data & now Internet of Things, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality empowering our wide range of business solutions like mobile sales force automation, enterprise CRM, service & maintenance, vehicle tracking, beacons & ibeacons, shipping & logistics solutions and eLearning solutions.

The entire week November 15th through November 22nd will be celebrated as the ‘Foundation Week’ in which the SPECTORIOUS team, our enthusiastic and innovative group of leaders who regularly, bring up a lot of novel ideas to keep the organization booming with energy & happiness, have come up with a lavish platter of different activities. These happenings have been planned to keep in view, a combination of wit, creativity, intelligence, fun and teamwork.

Let the good times begin!