Quarterly Newsletter March 2019


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Quarterly NewsLetter 2019

Leveraging Technology, Bringing the Physical and Digital World Closer

Digital transformation has been ruling every likely ongoing around the globe with its revolutionary advancements in the world of technology. It is stimulating to have a look at the practical implementation of digitization via most modern technologies like DevOps, DevSecOps, AI, AR, VR, IoT, Cloud computing, Blockchain, Beacons and more.

As we take charge of 2019, our determined endeavor to serve optimum IT solutions and services, with the complete platter of various technologies, architectures, and frameworks, continues to be on a high.

As a part of our corporate social responsibilities, we endlessly chip in to contribute to the society and we did so, during this quarter by participating in the Motif Charity Walk, a very renowned annual event held in Ahmedabad, India to extend our support to the less abled.

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Everything About DevOps – Revolutionizing Project Management Methods


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Database Services: Best of Business Information from Piles of Data


DevOps: The Futuristic Project Management Practice


Automation Testing: Fast & Efficient Software Quality Services




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Motif Charity Event 2019 Feature
SPEC INDIA, Enthusiastically, Joins Hands for a Human Cause @ the 17th Annual Motif TTEC Charity Walk 2019

Motif (now TTEC) inspires a strong sense of social responsiveness through an assortment of philanthropic activities organized by...

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