A business application to give artisans, craftsman and service providers of little means, an online presence & visibility to their personal business profiles, online showrooms and self-managed online shops.

It provides a P2P platform for people to find Artisans & Service providers and the Artisans and Service providers to connect with the end user in their neighborhood, nationwide or worldwide.

A financially viable business model is offered with no middleman involved, no brokerage, no add-ons costs and free accounts for users & a low annual subscription for the Artisans.

  • Register & Login users for Artisans or End Users or Corporate Users
  • For Artisans
    • Set up showroom
    • Set up online shop
    • SEO/SMS/Bandwidth subscriptions
    • Register certification details
    • Record Testimonials
  • End Users
    • Find Artisans or service providers
    • Rate the services & products
    • Suggestions & feedbacks
    • Register complaints
  • Corporate users
    • Book Advertisements
    • based on multiple criteria
    • View order details
  • Admin users
    • Set up metadata
    • Close complaints
    • De-activate / re-activate user accounts ID verification
    • View user profiles
    • Generate reports


  • Automation Testing
  • Performance
  • Manual testing for Web
    • Functional Testing
    • UI/UX Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
  • Manual testing for Mobile
    • Functional Testing
    • UI/UX Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
  • Manual & Automation testing
  • Security Testing
  • Tool- Vega/AWS utility/
  • Manual
  • Localization/Globalization
Industry: Industry Specific
Technology: Java, Testing