Big Data Services & Solutions

Our robust and wide-ranging Big Data Analytics Services look after the storage, transaction, analysis and maintenance of unstructured piles of data in a planned and controlled manner to make the most of it further for real-time analysis, visualization and foresight. Our proficiency lies in developing and implementing custom-made analytic solutions with Big Data technologies like Hadoop & MongoDB.

Key Features

  • A 360 degree view
    • A real time, expansive 360 degree operational view can be created using Big Data, providing detailed insights into the KPls of the organization.
  • Value added information
    • Implementation of Big Data technology enriches information to give a real-time insight, thus providing business advantage.
  • Increased precision with increased data
    • Better and Accurate analysis can be done with increased evidence of data.
  • Key Early Indicators
    • Indication of certain key risk or potentially harmful areas, well ahead in time means added fortune to business.

Our Big Data Service offerings

Big Data architecture & solution design

Hadoop cluster setup & implementation services

MongoDB setup & implementation

Big Data analytics

Transformation & migration

Dimensions (V’s) of Big Data

As experienced and ardent Big Data service providers, our solutions focus on the 4 core dimensions of Big Data:

Higher the volume of data, more comprehensive will be the 360 degree view of information, thereby increasing insight and depth of information ensuring better decision making.
This refers to the influx and investigation of flowing data. Increasing customer data fed rapidly into the Big Data platform leads to increased likeliness to make the right decision at the right time to achieve management goals.
This dimension talks of identification of value added information. Higher the consolidation, cleansing, consistency of information, there are increased chances of precise decision making.
Different sources and forms of data, be it from the logs, CRM systems, social media and many more, help increase in better informed decisions.


Technology Matrix for Enterprise Big Data Solutions


MapReduce Framework







Apache Hadoop


Apache Paraquet


We have expertise in Big Data solutions using Big Data Hadoop, the next generation real time analytics and an open source framework, which allows distributed processing of massive chunks of data sets across clusters of commodity computers using simplistic programming models. It is a data management framework with scale-out storage and distributed processing. It has rich ecosystems which makes it possible to load thousands to terabytes of data on thousands of nodes. One of SPEC INDIA’s expert service offering is Hire Hadoop Developer, which boasts of its expertise and experience in the technology.


Easier Horizontal Scalability to add replica

Updates (content / comments) can be done real-time at high velocity

Consistently supports atomic model to get exact inventory picture

Agility through flexible schemas


One of our primary forte in Big Data technologies, as a Big Data analyst in India, is the leading open source, document oriented DBMS designed for performance, higher availability, advanced query ability and horizontal scalability. It is a part of the NoSQL family of database service systems.

Custom Database Design & Development

We @ SPEC INDIA have profound expertise in Database Application Development encircling heterogeneous databases covering the complete spectrum of organization’s database needs. Our adeptness showcases designing and managing traditional as well as unconventional databases storing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. We help our clients monitor, performance tune and check the health of the database.

Database Development

Data Warehouse Design

Database Integration and ETL Jobs

Data Quality & Profiling

Big Data Implementation & POC

Database Migration Assistance

Database Modeling & Design

Database Administration


Key Benefits of Database Management Services @ SPEC INDIA

  • Up-to-date modelling techniques and assessment of data sources and values to guarantee reliable, logical and exclusive data quality
  • Safeguard application performance through database maintenance and optimization
  • Track the potential database and to measure the availability and receptiveness over time, particularly peak time monitoring
  • Eliminate downtime, giving business owners and users a flexible and powerful database protecting the performance of their valuable business operations

Technology Matrix for Database Development Services

  • Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL
Document Database
  • MongoDB
Columnar Database
  • HP Vertica
  • Hadoop
Database Technologies
  • ANSI SQL, T-SQL, Analytical SQL, Advanced PL/SQL, PSP, PL/Postgre SQL MOLAP, ROLAP, MDX Query, Cubes.
DBA Tools
  • Toad, Oracle Enterprise Manager, MS SQL Server Management Studio, MS SQL Server Configuration Manager, MySQL Workbench, Pgadmin
Cloud Database
  • MySQL Aurora, Redshift, MicroSoft Datawarehouse database, Mysql/postgres/Oracle RDS on Amazon and migration, Oracle Cloud
NoSQL Database
  • MongoDB

Hire Expert Big Data & Database Developer

We, as BI & Big Data solution partners of our clients, suggest a highly competent, trained & talented resource pool, qualified by technology experts’ viz. Microsoft, Oracle, Pentaho, PMI. Our contemporary project management methods, flexible engagement models, infrastructure setup, defined security policies and knowledge management processes provide us an edge above the others. Hire SPEC INDIA’s Big Data & Database experts and experience the advantage.