A 5 Point Checklist To Choose An Ideal & Comprehensive Logistics Software Solution

With Shipping & Logistics becoming one of the most in-demand domains in today’s time, there are numerous organizations that come across, with a multitude of requirements, each having its own set of individualistic needs. Each supply chain and its logistics will have its own requisite demands which need to be fulfilled. The need for a Logistics and Shipping Software Solution is quite evident in each such organization but the extent to which it is needed and implemented will depend upon each case.

Choosing a new shipping solution is not as easy as just purchasing the software, it’s all about building a trusted partnership with your solution provider in such a way that both mutually understand each other’s requirements and fulfill them at their best. Today, the way MDM solutions are indispensable for supply chain & logistics, a Shipping Software Solution is also an essential ingredient in the success of any business growth. It is not just a plug and plays solution, it has its own chunk of complexities and diversities which need to be handled with specific care, only then will it provide the desired output. You would really need a stable, mature and experienced solution partner with whom you can be collaborative in setting up an ideal shipping solutions environment.

5 Guidelines To Ensure Your Shipping Software Solution Brings In Business Efficiency & Growth

Shipping Solutions

The way Enterprise Mobility Solutions are a sure shot success for supply chain and logistics and with shipping solutions becoming a mandatory ingredient in organizations today, umpteen service providers offer a number of solutions, from which, you need to really figure out the best for you and the below guidelines will prove effective in doing so:

  • Efficient Freight Management

One of the most important aspects of an ideal shipping software solution is the management of freight costs. It is highly vital that the freight costs being paid are low as far as possible, without any compromise on quality. The apt way to deal with freight management handles the customer needs to its best and looks at the speed at which the delivery is needed and the sizing of the shipment etc. The shipping solution needs to have an eye for suggesting the best way to handle freight based on the various parameters that are being compared so that the shipping costs are controlled to a large extent.

  • Faster Physical Delivery

Quick, safe and prompt delivery has been the apple of any client’s eye. Have that done and your client is yours forever. This is a sure-shot way to grow your business, multifold with existing clients as well as getting in new ones. A good logistics solution is supposed to have a strong and robust physical flow system in place that ensures a timely delivery without any disturbance to the costing factor. As such, if we observe the entire process cycle, shipping comes at the crux of the entire project which has initiated with customer order notification to getting the sale through and is now at the final process of shipment. Hence, this acts as the right mechanism to make your client happy and loyal.

  • Defined Shipping Requirements

What better way to freeze your needs than to document them in an appropriate and well-defined manner, rather than deviating from the original scope and creating a ruckus at a later and crucial state of the project. Even before you start looking for your shipping solutions partner, it is imperative to prepare a comprehensive requirements document that lists down all the mandatory as well as non-mandatory needs, with proper stakeholders, responsibilities and process flows. It also is a better way to involve your team members and other relevant personnel right from the beginning so that their point of view is incorporate right then.

  • Flexible Billing Options

Whatsoever shipping logistics solution that you choose, it needs to have a flexible billing option i.e. it could have a weekly billing cycle, monthly billing, or yearly. Also, all important and relevant documents related to billing like the invoice, shipping documents, purchase orders, sales orders etc. should be provisioned to be kept handy and in place. Even scanned images of all relevant documentation should be available through the system and that too with utmost security features implemented in the solution.

  • Modular Architecture

Since there are numerous third-party systems existing in any enterprise, it is a compulsive feature to have a modular architecture that, based on the functionality and needs, can easily and seamlessly integrate its modules with the external systems, without any hindrance to any of the systems. Such a modular architecture serves best for employees, who need not have to look here and there for different functionalities. This offers a cost-effective approach interconnecting various activities and allows you to choose only those modules that are needed by you, discarding those not of any use.

We @ SPEC INDIA have been delivering large scale and mid-scale Shipping Software Solutions to some of the leading Shipping & Logistics companies globally. The three most important segments of service are Carriers – Rail, Road & Air Fleet, Logistics & Warehouse and Transport & Tourism.

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