6 Simple UI/UX Development Tips to Create Classy Designs

  • Posted on : December 14, 2015
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : UI UX

‘We Believe What We See’ – Such an understated statement which has been widely accepted all these years and carries abundance of significance tagged along with it. What really makes any application stand out from the rest is primarily the visual appeal i.e. the UI/UX development of the application. Its features, performance, reports etc. – all come later, what hits the end user’s eye first is its look and design. Hence, whatsoever may be the size and nature of the app, its UI/UX development and design has to be prim and proper.

Of course, needless to say, your app has to be coded and implemented with utmost care and quality but something that would hit the end user’s eye first would be look of the app and hence it is imperative to manage and maintain subsequent pleasure for the user in terms of its colors, design, responsiveness and many other factors. Though it doesn’t get the well deserved attention from the development aspect, it is very much essential that the app be quite engaging and attractive both.

Whenever you visit any app store, you find hundreds of app, under the same category, trying to catch your attention. But, psychologically, the one that catches your attention in the first go is the one with an eye-catching UI/UX development.

Now that we know that the UI/UX development forum is equally important, what are the major parameters that ascertain an eye-catching and visually appealing design, along with state-of-the-art features?

Ensure a Sweet and Pleasant UI/UX Development Experience with these Guidelines

UI UX Design

  • Design to visually deliver an experience

It is very important not just to deliver information but reach out to the client’s likes and dislikes and that is where an effective and efficient UI/UX development experience comes into picture. A fusion of a variety of texts, graphics, design elements, interactive features and layouts would form a fundamental base of these designs. Whenever you see any application, it really appeals to you only when the look and feel of the entire application touches your senses, else it is mere display of information and nothing else.

  • Give and research what the user really wants

There could be N number of designs floating around and more in your minds but what exactly appeals to your client is the main crux. It is very essential to understand what your client needs and what are their likes and dislikes. Based on that, you need to work out the best possible design with your own set of creativity. The perfect design is such which strikes a balance between your own creativity and client’s needs. Hence, researching the design patterns keeping in mind the user needs is of prime importance.

  • Creativity and Usability, both form the core heart of any UI/UX development

Creativity carries a very thin line between innovating attractive ideas to make out a highly attractive application and monotonously using the same old repetitive elements to make the app most uninteresting. Getting too creative also proves to be harmful. One should not try to overrule the basic fundamentals of design by emphasizing more on the look rather than the significance. At the same time, having an offbeat look and feel is also very vital. The usability and creativity need to be balanced. Amongst the list of parameters essential for any front end design, it is imperative to identify which all fall under the umbrella of creativity freedom and which all need to stick to the rules and regulations related to usability. For

  • Interactive rapport with the client

If you want to transform your client’s requirements into a stylish and apt UI/UX development and design, you need to really create a strong rapport with the client. Putting their thoughts into your design blend and then topping it up with the best of design dressings is the most accurate approach to reach a well liked and visually appealing design.

  • Synchronize your application with the much needed best practices

Although there may be a plethora of features and designs available, the designer just cannot pour all of them into the design layout. Based on the client background, experience, IT proficiency, size of organization and many such parameters, there has to be a thorough UI/UX development analysis to work out a detailed plan of execution.

  • Incessant testing and feedback

The best way to ensure a minimal error UI/UX development is to continuously test it and get it tested by a group of actual users, who can provide an even-handed feedback to improvise and make it more attractive and stable.

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