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July 4, 2018


April 28th, 2023

“BLE Beacons has become the leading proximity / indoor location technology in the market today, just as the market is gathering significant momentum across a range of retail and non-retail verticals.” – Patrick Connoly

Advertising was, is and will always be a vital factor in the success story of any business. It is an indispensable ingredient in garnering increasing customer base and retaining customer loyalty. Technology, as with other industries, has become an integrated involvement with the advertising industry through advertisement industry IT solutions. The Out-of-home (OOH) advertising arena has been advancing rapidly with the help of newer and smarter technologies. This is one domain of advertising that has captured the globe with its fruitful spread and niche results. You will see outdoor advertisements everywhere – you name it, it is there.

What is of significance is to showcase the right advertisement, at the right place, to the right audience with the right content. And that too, with the right amount of indulgence so that the customer does not feel irritated or offended. The advertisements need to be impactful, smart, stylish to connect with existing customers or customers-to-be in a personalized manner. That is where the role of Beacons comes into play. As compared to other advertising media, Beacons has carved a niche for itself by imbibing the mobile technology as a part and parcel of its functioning, directly connecting with the audience via their mobile devices. Beacons and iBeacons application development have been grabbing attention by enticing patrons. Ranging from various locations such as street corners, airports, malls, stadiums and many more, Beacon development solutions are competent enough to gather high-end valuable information that can be leveraged to its finest, for better business profitability. Beacons and enterprise mobility together, are revolutionizing and boosting business. They, as a team, are encouraging advertisers to engross audiences on-the-go with appropriate and pertinent messages, offers etc.

This Beacons based advertisement system directly leads to an exponential growth in customer targeting, enriched information retrieval and business outputs. Beacon based advertising has been one of the most wide-ranging solutions with proximity marketing working in a unified manner with beacon support. It offers accuracy and excellence that is ultimate to the advertising world.

“Creative without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising.” – Prof. Jef Richards

Key Locations Where Beacons Offer a Great Assistance to the Advertising Solutions

  • Beacons in Stadiums

Beacons are being widely used in stadiums, both indoor as well as outdoor ones, offering a great lot of advantage to all. With the utilization of various advertising mechanisms with Beacons, business owners can create a closer rapport with visitors, increase sales and make the entire event a memorable and profitable one. Because mobile apps are an everyday affair now, it becomes easy to interact with teams as well as their fans by placing beacon-based services in the apps and facilitating it for the users to enable it from the apps. With close association with the social media, users come to know about beacon enabled features of the applications well in advance so that they can use it to the best in stadiums.

  • Beacons in Restaurants

Restaurants are benefiting big time leveraging the potential of the Beacons technology, by serving customers in a bigger and better way. With beacons getting integrated into their mobile ordering, payment, restaurant management solutions, accelerating the entire process of ordering, payment and delivery of food. With such good efficiency, these beacon-based solutions surely attract more traffic with outdoor campaigns and offers.

  • Beacons in Museums

To augment visitor and guest experience, museums today are implementing beacon-based advertising IT solutions that, with mobile apps, can enhance customer profiles by offering a variety of information regarding the areas that are under visit, time spent at each exhibit area etc. Based on what exactly the visitors wish to see and what are their likings, the beacon-based apps can guide them and show them advertisements of their interest.

  • Beacons in Hospitals / Railway Stations / Bus Stations

Public places, where people need to wait and have time on their hands are the right places where beacons can show their magic through advertising. At such places, with the help of mobile apps, good quality and relevant advertising messages can be sent to people that can attract them more since they are relatively free at that time.

Why are Beacons an Engaging and Sleek Way of Advertising?

  • Beacons facilitate sending the right advertisements through mobile phones be it any location, any geography
  • Key locations can be pointed out to the right audience with the help of Beacons
  • A comprehensive Beacon based advertisement guide can also be made available to users for better navigation and operations
  • Notifications, alerts and messages can be circulated to nearby mobile phones as required and as available
  • Beacons offer a great deal of valuable insight into audiences, their likings, their choices and their actions
  • Heaps of information that has been accumulated can be leveraged to the maximum with Beacons
  • A great cross channel shopping experience can be availed
  • The widened bridge between the physical world and the digital world can be reduced to a large extent
  • Beacons offer an engaging experience to customers not bothering them with something they wouldn’t like to see or engage in
  • It helps in profiling audiences by location and highlights the best suited locations for placing advertisements and campaigns
  • Beacons facilitated better surveys, feedback and campaigns that offer authentic and swift reports from a variety of users

Prominent advantages of Beacons here are productivity, compliance, secure data packages, no data loss or theft, location identification, stop irresponsible data use, to name a few. The beacons technology can be utilized for tracking the location of mobile devices inside a building and have location wise policy. Based on the location, we can enable/disable certain apps. As of today, beacons have started becoming an indispensable ingredient in the success story of any enterprise, along with Enterprise Mobility playing an important role. The globe is trotting towards Beacons App Development and it surely has a great future ahead.

As a Beacon / iBeacon application development company, we @ SPEC INDIA unleash the true potential of Beacon Application Development with respect to a multitude of industry domains such as advertising, retail, shopping mall, hospitality, education, universities, healthcare, manufacturing, shipping & logistics, tourism, public transport spread across the globe.

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