Apple WWDC15. How Can We Have Enough?

  • Posted on : June 11, 2015
  • Modified: April 25, 2018

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : iOS

Any Apple event is always looked forward to and followed with keen interest. Especially since the Apple World Wide Developer Conference WWDC15 was soon after the Google I/O 2015, the frenzy is not only understandable, it is justified.


And what do we get this time? A hardcore,sworn in Apple fan; I not only follow the WWDC15, but also follow the speculations and the aftermath of it all.


Let me see, what impressed me the most? The website of course never fails to, but coming back to the event, there are big announcements for Music with Apple Music in a very modern new avatar.


Followed by Music is the stuff for everyday use which really matters to most of us like Notes which are made more practical and also the very handy Apple Pay which is now going to be available at larger number of stores in more number of countries.


And then the technical finesse, which matters to a natural programmer like me.We have the iOS 9 preview, OS X EI Captain preview, and the watchOS 2 preview as well.


But, last but not the least, migrating from Android to Apple. Now this is something BIG that Google is not going to like. A super idea according to me.Apple walks away with a trophy on this.


So, let us start with iOS 9, which besides anything else, enhances the built-in apps that we all cannot do with, making them more than indispensable.

Apple WWDC15

New in iOS 9




Notes now all geared up to show a map, a photo, a video or even allowsus to scribble using our fingers with colors and brushes too! The Note view is going to display all our attachments to the Note. Any active app can be used to share to a note directly. Amazing, isn’t it? So, we will have the basic Note with a collage of attachments.


Notes can be converted to checklists too, because most of us really do use it as a checklist for things in our own special ways. Now this is going to be so useful to people like me because I already make my lists in Notes and struggle with signs to be put, when the job is done.


And what’s more, the Notes are stored on the iCloud and that makes them easier to access from all our Apples.




A brand new idea from Apple, unveiled at the WWDC15.News – a collection of news and stories from different apps, conveniently collected into the News. It showcases news with all the captivating mediums – photos, videos, animations and everything that is there. Can make the favorites list too and also maintain categories. Way ahead of the Newsstand and way to go too!


What a pity, it would be first launched in the US, UK and Australia only.


Apple Pay


Apple Pay, our wallet launched at the WWDC 2014 will now be accepted at over 1 million stores from July in the US. That makes it easily four times what it was at its launch. And after US, it now debuts in the UK from July. Besides the big names, Apple Pay would be accessible to small and medium size businesses for use as well, using a new Reader. And it works with all major credit networks too. This is like wow! We look forward to this classy wallet to be used at many places more.


iPhone and iOS 9 – Making Driving Interesting


This one sounds so cool that in no time I am most likely to enjoy doing the job I dread the most. Driving. If I can afford the swanky cars with CarPlay that is.


Get directions, call, send and receive messages, audio messages and be your own DJ. And, hold your breath; quite easily done with your own voice through Siri, or simply touching your iPhone or twisting the car knobs. All done without plugging in as well, if wifi-ed. Interesting apps for the road – Maps, Messages, Music, iHeartRadio, Beats Music and I am sure they would keep coming.


iPad – Multitasking at its best


Reminiscences of Alt-Tab from Windows, I suppose. Inspired by the original multitasking system, I guess. Here we have, announced at the WWDC15,iOS 9 offering multitasking features for the iPad for the first time ever.


Finally, we can switch in between multiple apps without leaving the active one; or better still, with Split View, two active apps open simultaneously. But the best would be Picture in Picture feature where we would be able to keep a video or Face Time scaled down screen on one of the corners for us to see.




Siri for Search


Siri goes one step ahead by becoming a combo of assistant spoken to and a regular but robust search engine. So here it is all for me and you, the Search Field along with Siri. I am in total control here. Voice or type, my wish is Siri’s command.


Search Becomes Intelligent


Proactive searches are the call of the day. iOS 9 makes intelligent use of the details it has about our routines and choices in terms of things we do or people we keep in touch with. Based on these deductions are made on what we are likely to do. Apps are suggested to create emails, making a call, or a reminder to have our meals. All according to the time of the day, or places nearby. Interesting news from around the places we are around tend to keep up the action.


Better Performances


Battery life, speed, can be a nightmare for us all. Apple lives up to my expectations every time, introducing smarter ways of improving performances.


Battery Life


iOS 9 is all charged up to ensure that the devices have a better battery life. The apps have been geared up too and features like ambient light and proximity sensors to tune up battery lives.


Smaller & Faster Updates


Lesser free space would be needed for updates that we end up struggling with. I go in a frenzy with deleting photos, organizing music, backing up my phone again, all before updating my Apple. I really see things becoming better soon with with this new OS.


Impressive Speed


With Metal, iOS 9 makes the CPU and GPU faster, efficient and the feel smoother and natural improvising the overall user experience by miles.




Photos, documents, messages, emails protected in better and smarter ways by iOS 9. We now have the six digit pass code instead of the four digit one, to reduce chances of cracking it. A two tier authentication, when the sign in occurs from a new device. The additional verification code, besides the Apple id assures safety.


Android to iOS


And this is what made me fall off from my chair – Android Migration. Confidence is what becomes Apple. And why not? If we were talking about Android L Vs iOS 8; here we go again with Android M and iOS 9.


And Apple is so sure people are going to shift. We now have Move to iOS app to wirelessly transfer contacts, messages, photos, video, email accounts, calendar, songs and books from Android to iOS. Free apps can be downloaded easily as usual and the paid one get transferred to iTunes. How cool is that?


Most certainly the master stroke from the masters themselves!


And More @ WWDC15


Yes, there is much more happening for the whole of this week at the WWD15. This note is just on the iOS 9. Watch out when I share more on this.



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