Big Data Solutions – The Apropos Key To Simple & Smart Data-Driven App Design

  • Posted on : March 20, 2017
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Big Data & Database

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data” – Daniel Keys Moran.

Big Data is the big buzzword today, penetrating seamlessly into each nook and corner of all industries, domains, segments and frameworks. Even we talk about developing and implementing software solutions; Big Data Solutions come up as a big support system. In short, as and when there is data present and that too in heaps and bulks, there is Big Data to the rescue. No wonder, all web app and mobile apps are surrendering to the data driven approach and with the latest trend, mobile app UX design services is also getting driven by the Big Data, as we witness the Big Data solutions changing the way we think about everything. Designing an attractive, efficient and lucrative data driven app is a tough task but if done in the correct and appropriate manner, it is sure to yield the best of results.

If we see in the traditional sense, designing was always a creative quest with a variety of attractions to lure your clients with the best of GUI and navigational efforts. But, now it is not limited just to this. With piles of data available to judge and define how it can be done best, Big Data is now the key to a successful designing strategy, that most app design companies are now looking forward to. Clients today demand a delightful mobile app designing experience that works wonders not just in terms of creativity but in terms of understanding client needs and specifications per say.

Big Data Solutions

How Can You Design And Implement UI / UX In Data Driven Apps, With Big Data Solutions, To Its Best?

  • Perceive How The Client Is Affected By The Data

It is a very important task to understand, analyze and perceive how the customer is affected by the reams of data that is being gathered. What actually the client needs and what type of data will be of use in order to garner perfect business is what the crux of the entire designing aspect is. The designing cannot be kept same for all kinds of customers. The globe now wants front end and navigation based on the client likings and preferences and that is what keeps you different from the rest, as a strong contender for getting selected by the clients.

  • Make Your Data-Driven App Sprightly And Concentrated

Being concentrated and alert is the key to a successful data-driven app. Unnecessarily complicating the app with heavy features and over-the-board navigations and screens sometimes brings a reverse effect in terms of acceptance by the users. What actually the users want is a subtle, straightforward and sleek app that shows exactly what needs to be seen and offers exactly what is in the user’s mind. If you do this, you hit the bull’s eye. As an app design company, one more parameter that plays an equally important role is the connectivity of the app with the social media. Now that the social media has become the apple of our eyes, it becomes almost mandatory to have our app interact and integrate seamlessly with the social media facilitators.

  • Have Your Data-Driven App Flexible And Robust

Since we are talking about a variety of multi-faceted data, the foremost thing that needs to work perfectly is the integration and association of the data driven app with a large number of data driven sources which could be structured or unstructured, could belong to any technology group, could be in any format or size and could contain any type of information. Our app has to be robust and scalable enough to understand and accommodate any type of information with utmost security and with any type of browser or mobile device. Even third party integration, with ease, is a significant factor.

  • Let Data Driven Design Have An Early Start-Off

User experience is what matters the most. Gone are those days when the entire app used to get constructed including the design elements, without the client intervention and the client would experience and give their feedback, at the last. Now is the time to approach and understand the client needs well ahead in time and then, based on their requirements, go on with the designing part, including the data based analysis of their likings and needs. Data and design have to go hand in hand and need to be introduced in the entire project from start off itself.

Design is as much a Science as an Art – Data Driven Apps are heavily influenced by Big Data. SPEC INDIA provides excellent Big Data Analytics Services and has been consistently providing quality solutions in BI and Big Data technology. Our BI and Analytics portfolio showcases excellent capabilities to structure, curate, analyze and handle all your data with prudence. With implementation expertise in Big Data solutions with technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB and HP Vertica, we excel in building custom database solutions for our enriched client base, along with advanced Big Data services. We also provide highly skilled BI and Big Data resources, which could be hired on hourly / monthly / yearly basis for onsite and offsite engagement.

Our skilled, modern, attractive and visually enriched mobile app UX design services, with over a decade of experience have been serving elite clientele all around the globe. Indulging into a vast variety of technologies to support a robust design framework, we, as an app design company, look forward to understand our client dreams and put our best foot forward to transform them into a tangible reality.


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