Keeping a School Bus Ride Safe with GPS School Bus Tracking Software


December 30, 2016


June 21st, 2023

School holidays in winter bring a smile to faces all around. For little kids, it is the wait for Santa & the gifts; for the older ones, it brings new year parties & sometimes prom nights. For the parents, on the other hand, it means no alarms to set and of course a huge breather for the teachers too!

But, holidays are short-lived as usual. Soon the mad rush started and the nightmare of boarding the school buses on time hit hard. And, in spite of the fact that all would agree that the bus ride is easily the best thing about going to school, worrying about the safety of the buses and the children traveling is only normal.

It is then a great respite how the school bus GPS tracking system takes charge of the situation to keep a tab on the safety of the children and keep their wardens informed. Much more than a log book, a vehicle tracking system keeps an alert eye on everything; the buses, the drivers, and the students.

This system is a versatile idea implemented for various enterprises wishing to keep a tab on the fleet & its movements and keeps offering innovative use cases.


Back to School with Vehicle Tracking in the New Year!

The offering from VTS for school buses for parents as well as the authorities is as exciting as the passengers being carried. Add to this the newer techniques like IoT & sensor-based technologies like beacons used by retailers for a holiday bonanza; the package is complete.

Peace of Mind for Parents & Authorities

Monitored Children

Monitoring, it goes without saying is the focal point of all VTS for school buses. Keeping the school vehicles under scrutiny means safeguarding the children inside, which is a huge task today considering the incidents of accidents and crime on the rise. Innovative counties have online forms for citizens to report violations by school buses.

But automated monitoring & reporting anything amiss is the call of the day.

          • The real-time location of the children at all times is relayed
          • Immediate notifications if the student boards the wrong bus or alights at the wrong stop
          • Missed bus notifications sent to the wardens
          • Alarms & alerts for violations

          Alarms & Alerts

          At the Service of the School Authorities

          Scrutinized & Efficient Drivers & On-Board Staff

          Recruiting drivers, training them to handle the children, and grooming them for conduct is a huge task. A school bus GPS tracking system enables constant scrutiny of drivers and other staff on board assuring safe experiences for the students traveling.

          A VTS enables the integration of the prerequisites into the workflows.

          • Assuring a safe workforce
            • Verification & Authorization
            • License verification
            • Crime record checks
            • Driving pattern records & behavior analysis
            • Driver feedback integration
          • Driver management for Increased Efficiency
            • Driver allotment for tasks
            • Route planning & assignment to driver
            • Personalized maps for routes in accordance with student bus stops

          School Bus Mapping

          A Vehicle tracker pinpoints the exact location of a bus on the map and ensures further security and efficiency of the system.

          • Real-time visibility of vehicle co-ordinates of the buses on maps with grid references & location descriptions
          • Route tracking and analyzing for optimizations
          • Geo-fencing & geo zoning for additional security

          Combating Emergencies

          Emergencies when combated successfully go a long way in providing a safe student experience along with adequate reassurance for both the parents & the authorities.

          • Traffic updates & notifications with re-routing options
          • Weather updates and suggestions for alternatives
          • Time estimations & comparisons between routes
          • Emergency push buttons to alert the back office

          Savings for the School

          Automation brought in by the prudent implementation of a VTS brings in a lot of advantages to the system.

          Fleet Maintenance & Monitoring Vehicle Health

          A fleet in perfect order reduces inefficiencies and directly co-relates to a decrease in costs. Fleet maintenance is precise and unerring when it has less human intervention.

          • Automated predictive maintenance
          • Logical plans to inculcate correct usage
          • Report fuel over usage, speed violations, braking, and other parameters
          • Keep track of maintenance histories
          • Generate insights to maintain a better fleet
          • Monitoring speeds & fuel status

          Route Optimization

          Optimized routes reduce time spent on the roads by both the drivers and the buses, bringing in better efficiencies.

          • Routing engines with appropriate algorithms to optimize resource usage
          • Optimal route generation by the VTS
          • Travel time recording for constant assessment of routes designed

          Appropriate Alerts for Parents & School Authorities

          Automated alerts as updates of various situations help the school to provide a reassured environment to the students & the parents as well as provide conducive user experiences to all.

          Notifications are automated and shared with registered mobile numbers.

          Alerts from GPS

          Insightful Reports & Dashboards for School Authorities

          Informative reports and dashboards generated from records, history, statistics, and predictions offer a comprehensive view of the on-goings and offer profitable suggestions and deviations to the workflows laid out.

          • School bus route history
          • Real-time locations covered
          • Student alight report
          • Driver day start & end
          • Driver behavior
          • Fuel efficiency & mileage
          • Fleet status & location
          • Fleet monitoring
          • Fleet activity summaries

          Blending in Contemporary Techniques into VTS. 2017 and Ahead.

          GPS school bus tracking software is a strong example of technology put to use for real-life requirements. Intuitive technologies are all set to be integrated into the VTS for better collaboration between schools, drivers on the road, and parents.

          A VTS powered by sensor-based devices like beacons on the point of boarding & alighting becomes mainstream today. Virtual reality is a technology waiting to break in and could offer views of the happenings inside the bus itself. IoT-powered smart school buses too seem to be a feasible reality soon.

          Evolving with the technological advances, VTS becomes stronger by constantly integrating into itself newer approaches bringing in advantages across domains & industries.

          In a Nutshell

          Operating in diverse conditions; catering to a diverse clientele right from Retail, FMCG, Courier Services, Schools, Hospitals, and Emergency Services right up to something as risky as Rescue Operations and the Armed Forces; logistics operations certainly need constant monitoring and security at all times. A vehicle tracking software powered by GPS value adds to enterprise solutions for Logistics in the most conducive manner.

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