BYOD & Mobility Solutions for Education Industry- Unlearning the Old, Heralding the New

Technology changes the face of education like never before with concepts like e-learning & mobility replacing the traditional notebooks and pens at an unimaginable pace. The generation that is in school currently grows up with iPads, tablets, smartphones & laptops making technology a second skin for these young geeks naturally.

Mobility Solutions for Education

Classrooms adapt to the Bring Your Own Device – BYOD madness for flexible learning 24 by 7. With changing methods of learning, the roles of students and teachers are changing as well. Students turn real explorers and teachers turn into true facilitators of technology driven learning, increasing the knowledge retention ratios by very high percentages.

Interesting Statistics for Educational App Development Companies

Education App Development

Mobile Enabled Education Solutions – A Complete Change

While designing mobility solutions, app development companies make the software immersive & interactive so that students make the most of them, as well as they become indispensable, practical and handy tools for the institutes, universities & the faculty.

Mobility and BYOD brings with it unmatched advantages to the Education Industry, initiating a complete metamorphosis in this system.

Education on the Go

With mobile learning apps, it is possible to learn from interactive videos within virtual classrooms, learn as per defined syllabus as well as access discussions, forums & learning blogs.

Students also access digital libraries and manage & solve assignments online, with conscious self-assessment.

Flexible Learning

Mobile based learning is likely to be modular or bite-sized in nature. It also offers the flexibility to decide the size of the lessons & assignments. This is another flexible feature to allow students to learn at their own pace.

Individual modules focus on a specific learning topic, increasing the attention span and hence retention abilities of the learners.

Accessing the Appropriate Learning Material

Mobile applications allow easy search & browse for learning content. This facilitates fast learning at the fingertips of the learner who can access the content for the correct context.


With BYOD, students and teachers transition seamlessly into the system with devices of choice to avail the services of the software. Mobility solutions for education industry make possible devices running on different platforms to access the software and make the most of it.

Personalized Learning

Trainings & curriculum are personalized to the need of each student and their progress. Students are pushed to practice & excel in the areas assessed with the analytics in sync with the mobile enabled systems.

Collaborative Education

Mobility platforms make learning possible outside the classrooms, across the boundaries defined by geography. Students and teachers collaborate with each other irrespective of location. Students become a part of virtual discussions, problem solving and brainstorming in the wake of collaborative education facilitated by contemporary technologies including collaborative education.

Progress Tracking & Efficiency Measurements

Institutes leverage mobile apps to manage schedules, time tables, student performance projections and faculty feedbacks into a single platform.

With improved feedbacks powered by appropriate analytics, students are appropriately mentored as the faculty keeps in close sync with the progress & shortcomings of each student. The faculty too remains on their toes to deliver the best to their wards.

Courses Management

Course inquiry, enrolment, registration, scheduling, internal communications, subscription & fees, and other student needs are easily taken care of with mobile apps designed for education system.

The related information is easily available to both the students and the administrators for a smooth functioning.

On Campus Navigation & Awareness

Mobility solutions for Education Industry provide visitors, students and teaching staff information regarding happenings on the campus, locations of particular educational events or competitions planned, locations of cafeteria, library timings and other useful details.

Apps powered with the sensor based beacons and Augmented Reality drive on campus navigation for the benefit of all.

Mobility Solutions for Education Industry from SPEC INDIA

iAssessment System

iAssessment revolutionizes the way students take their tests and the methods of evaluation. A comprehensive solution with support for creating, conducting and evaluating the tests, iAssessment also provides insights to ensure continuous test processes by incorporating modern day techniques like Cloud and Mobility.

University Management System

This innovative solution from SPEC INDIA enables Schools & Universities across the globe for day to day management. It also keeps a track of student performances with continuous analysis & appraisals with an aim to improvise scores ensuring clearance of the competitive exams. A powerful BI & Analytics support takes care of the analysis and predictions to provide better insights.

This comprehensive solution takes care of general administration including management of faculty, students & courses and offers automation for the admission process to the universities.

This solution is available across devices and platforms for easy and quick access.

Interactive Learning Apps for K to 12 students

iPads completely revolutionize the teaching pedagogy to suit the expectations of the students today as also offering appropriate digital lesson plans to their mentors.

Interactive learning apps are specially designed as a step away traditional classroom methodologies to move towards inclusive learning. High on the fun quotient, Interactive Learning Apps make the most of gamification in education to keep the audience enticed & informed meeting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Education BI Analytics Solution

An intuitive BI & Analytics based solution to help schools & universities arrive at logical conclusions to increase the efficiency in administration and functioning of the institute, this offering from SPEC INDIA covers it all; data curation, data visualization & generation of actionable data.

The system offers insights into the student abilities and devise plans to improvise their proficiencies. The system also continuously monitors the performances of both students & their faculty.

In a Nutshell

People associated with the education industry fear that technology is all set to completely replace human intelligence when it comes to teaching.

These are unfounded fears. Technology is here to stay, and it will help empower traditional teaching methods to take the next step for better education approaches. But human acumen for course designing and rolling out teaching is indispensable.

Students benefit by personalized teaching along with more choices, such as time & place of education, as well as the devices to use. Mobile enabled learning is all set to be in vogue globally and touch the remotest of the places in the world, touching an otherwise large population with ease and flexibility with minimum cost.

The grading and examination systems change with the technology empowerment and students are in a better position to answer questions related to diverse competencies at their own personalized pace. Visualizing ideas and experiencing concepts becomes a rage with mobile apps for education. Mentoring gains a growing importance rather than the traditional teaching with the help of contemporary technology.

Educational app development companies focus on these newer ideologies to usher out the traditional methods of teaching and learning.

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