Parameters IBM Cognos Tableau
  • A self-service, web-based analytical tool assisting users in visualizing data through analytics, reporting, metrics, and KPI monitoring.
  • Flexibility and agility to easily share reports and simple integration with NLP and AI.
  • A data visualization tool helping users make the best of data-driven decisions, by assimilating data from various sources.
  • Customizable and secure data exploration through NLP, drag and drop queries.
Available On Windows, Linux, Mac, Web-based Spreadsheet tool
Data Size Ideal for large datasets, Big Data Windows, Linux, Mac, Web-based, iPhone/iPad, Android
Key Features
  • Balance in customization and ease-of-use
  • Support for SQL language and configuration features
  • Easy run of quality reports and sharing of reports
  • Connect data analytics with real-time workflows with ad-hoc reporting
  • Support to alter and share data with various interfaces/apps
  • Interactive drag and drop to create attractive visuals
  • The facility of data display combining data sets
  • Support for different coding languages such as R
  • Easy to use, great customer support, and effective handling of large data sets
  • Facility to create dashboards for mobile and system viewing
Target Audience Cognos is a complete BI platform with a variety of tools for the enterprise and hence the target audience includes the data experts Tableau is a complete visualization package with modernized features and the target audience includes a variety of users
Included Product Range Cognos has multiple products that include reporting, analytics, dashboarding, scorecarding, data integration, etc. Tableau has multiple techniques – drag and drop feature, collection of key data, visualizing techniques, etc.
Visualization Capabilities Cognos reveals patterns that help in exploring relations within data. The report outputs are comprehensive enough to be understood best by data experts. Tableau is competent to import and visualize a huge bulk of data. It facilitates users to dig deep into the information pool and extract their desired information.
Business Scenario Cognos users must be well versed with data processing techniques, and it offers many backend tasks like data management, query language, ETL process, etc. Tableau users need not be skilled at data processing, and it offers a variety of data analytics through visually appealing effects that need no IT assistance
Customer Support System Cognos has an effective technical support regime that has training programs to help achieve skill over the tool. IBM specialists are available to help solve issues and programming errors. Tableau offers different support services – technical support, complimentary, elite, and OEM. Each one of these has its service area that together, caters to almost all industry types.
Third-Party Integration Cognos has a seamless integration capability with different IBM products Tableau offers integration with tools like R, Hadoop, Google Analytics, etc.