Unleash The True Potential of Corporate eLearning With Business Intelligence Services

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will learn.” This is the basic fundamental behind one of the most innovative and successful mediums of imparting knowledge to multifaceted audiences – eLearning. Widely used by universities, educational institutes and corporates, eLearning has now become one of the most successful platforms today.

The ‘anytime, anywhere’ concept of learning with the use of collaborative tools is the latest mantra today. But in spite of umpteen benefits, there are a large number of unseen and tough challenges that pose to become a hurdle for the implementers, to execute a smooth and successful learning curve. Elements like tools shortage, the rigid structure of learning, lack of in-depth reports and dashboards to assist all relevant stakeholders about the success of the learning activities are a few of the problems that are faced. This is where Business Intelligence Services act as a great savior in making eLearning an indispensable ingredient in the success of any business. With a large number of key areas experiencing the power of BI, this magical medium acts as the apt medium for collecting, monitoring and analyzing the audience’s performance in eLearning environments.

While the eLearning courses are organized looking at the organizational goals and their company strategies, the top management is always interested in knowing the effect that the eLearning courses bring on the skill set and attitude of its employees and hence the collection of the entire set of information prior to and after training sessions is a must. Based on the kind of audience, the information base would vary and hence manually, it is almost an impossible task to get relevant data in place and thereby extract useful statistics. Business Intelligence Services, being a part and parcel of major business domains, proves to be the ideal medium to extract, store and utilize the heaps of information at each stage of the entire eLearning venture.

Business Intelligence
Why Is Business Intelligence the Key to Effective Corporate eLearning?

  • Augment eLearning Return on Investment

Since you have all your information online and handy, it becomes an easy and fruitful task to cull out all the areas that are being benefited versus all those that are being neglected. What is going right, what is going wrong is all transparent and hence proves to be the perfect medium to increase your Return on Investment.

  • Analyze Improvable Capacities

With such a large amount of transparency that BI brings along within the corporate eLearning information bulk, it is easier to identify the positives and the negatives with detailed analysis. And hence the very first thing any enterprise would do is search for areas that need improvement. It is very much feasible to search for resources based on the desired skill set and also matches the employee skills to those needed, with a thorough gap analysis. Rescheduling of resources and allotting them to better opportunities is also an easily doable task with the help of Business Intelligence Solutions.

  • Build An Enduring Corporate eLearning Approach

Because BI brings before you the past, the present and the future – all together, there is an envisioned approach already available because of which building a long-lasting strategy of how to plan corporate eLearning in the future, so that there is maximized benefit in terms of efficiency, productivity, and profitability is most feasible.

  • Enhance Employee Efficiency

This is primarily the reason why any organization would want its employees to go in for eLearning. BI in corporate eLearning offers a detailed insight into the performance and efficiency of employees. With its in-depth statistics, it can help management derive the strengths and weaknesses in both the organization as well as the employees. If there is a decline in the performance of employee skills, BI based statistics can give an entire verdict on why could it be so and how can it be bettered. This also has a direct impact on the attrition rate and customer loyalty.

  • Utilize Analytical Information For Further Goals

Any BI system that you implement will have a bunch of detailed dashboards and analytical reports that can prove to be a great fundamental utility in setting up further business requirements and understanding and analyzing what the futuristic plan could be. It does not only help in showcasing visual representations of your information, but it also helps you chalk out an action plan with action items and possible deadlines/responsibilities associated with it. This also makes the entire exercise of learning more challenging with appropriate assessment schedules in place.

You just need to be sure of how to use BI to its maximum benefit and you can weave wonders. The sky is the limit then, when it comes to leveraging the excellence of BI in the corporate eLearning arena and that is what is supposed to be the burning mantra today.

As a leading Business Intelligence Company in India, our skilled BI and Big Data resources have been implementing multiple Business Intelligence Consulting services with a multifaceted range of services, in vivid technologies that can give your organization the best of business efficiency and effectiveness. Our Business Intelligence Services have been successfully implemented across a wide range of enterprise clientele, all around the globe.


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