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March 5, 2018


June 29th, 2023

The pace at which digital transformations bring disruptions to all niches changing the way things are done is a topic of discussion more than often. Customized software solutions make sure that every need of the specific industry is met and the software support pushes the enterprise beyond its own limits.

The technology and corresponding infrastructure used to record, share and analyze health metrics of the patient are broadly categorized as a healthcare software solution. Some of the approaches that make up the overall solution include personal health tools such as apps or smart devices, health record systems electronic as well as paper and information dissemination or collaboration via communities.

The Purpose Of Healthcare Software Development

Simply put, the objective is to attain health equity by improving care for patients. To make healthcare delivery better, the software supports patient data recording and permits information analytics. The beneficiaries of this analysis are not just the healthcare professionals, but also government agencies like the ministry of health. The implementation of data analytics is to formulate policies that focus on disease prevention & improved treatment.

The benefits of healthcare it solutions include reduction of medical errors, an increase in patient safety, better healthcare delivery quality and setting up robust interaction points between healthcare providers & patients. The need for affordable as well as reliable medical record software is high in low & middle-income countries as well.

Deploying healthcare software in clinics & healthcare centers does improve the quality of treatment. This is facilitated by accurate patient records and better insights for healthcare professionals with reference to the medical history of the patient. With comprehensive patient history as a reference point, doctors are better empowered to treat ailments, as well as can keep the prescriptions under check.

Patient memory is never an accurate measure of medical history and it is subject to complicated drug names, forgetfulness and limited recollection of past treatment or diseases. A millennial physician & Healthcare operator would want to refrain from that kind of dependency and instead rely on trending technology to bring in the best for the users.

The Custom Healthcare Software Categories

The categories are innumerable and the possibilities many for custom software services for Healthcare.

  • Healthcare Data Management Solutions

This type of software covers data gathering & processing, such as patient registrations, medical records, claims to process, crunching finance numbers, laboratory, inventory, pharmacy management and so on.

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  • Healthcare ERP

This kind of tools, if appropriately developed & used to serve as the perfect platform for hospitals & healthcare institutes to connect with current & prospective patients.

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  • Healthcare Analysis & Medical Research With IoT [Healthcare IoT]

There are sophisticated devices& software available in the market prepared by IT enterprises in synergy with healthcare domain experts.

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  • Mobile Apps For Patients [Healthcare Mobile Apps]

A mobile application tailored for healthcare can possibly assist with remote care provisioning, appointment management, sharing lab test results, overall health tracking and allowing the patient to remain in touch with the hospital or concerned doctor.

  • Healthcare Mobility

From the perspective of healthcare professionals, a mobile app specific to the institute can facilitate clinical data sharing, patient monitoring, record management, time management, scheduling and decision making to a large extent with actionable data generated.

  • Custom Healthcare CMS With Medical Websites

This can help generate a positive impression on patients who are exploring medical solutions online and looking for the perfect healthcare institute to depend upon.

Healthcare Industry In Modern Times – Technology Challenges

Digital transformations touch all industries including Healthcare but with a set of challenges to combat through prudent custom software development.

  • Federal HIPAA Privacy Requirements

Medical agencies & healthcare providers are bound to protect the private medical information of patients under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA. There are stringent processes in place as per federal law that governs data backup, along with recovery in emergency and disaster scenarios.

There also exists a Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health act better known as HITECH that has empowered HIPAA by increasing penalties and making the requirements for mandatory notifications in the event of data breach more stringent.

  • Missing Communication Within Healthcare Systems

Agreed, electronic medical records have become the de facto standard in the past few years, however, the industry is still years away from sophisticated data systems that clearly serve as an interface among multiple medical providers.

A lot of innovations are visible in the healthcare industry focusing on facility operations & patient care, however, the level of communication between these modern developed systems is pretty limited in most cases. Consequently, data gathering or usage, as well as process automation, happens in a restrictive fashion, thus decreasing the ROI on technology.

  • Data Growth

There are multiple reasons responsible for the exponential growth of healthcare-related data. Electronic medical records, digital imaging techniques & resource-intensive apps are clearly stressing out the existing infrastructure hosted for medical and healthcare data. Data growth is also influenced by the increasing usage of telemedicine-related technologies and mobile apps along with secure storage requirements.

  • Storage Limitations

It is estimated that the requirements for healthcare data storage double every few months. Other than the massive amount of data collected, regulatory requirements to retain patient information for an indefinite period of time is also an influencer. Carefully thought of storage architectures are being designed & implemented by modern-day healthcare institutes, which include off-site, on-site as well as virtual storage.

Considering the rate of data growth, healthcare it solutions with higher efficiency are indeed the requirement of the day to improve overall storage capacity. This seems to be turning into an inevitable aspect considering the diverse nature of modern-day medical environments.

  • Data Management In Dynamic Environment

Arguably, healthcare has emerged as one of the most evolving segments within the modern-day economies. Today, IT personnel affiliated with healthcare are under constant pressure from legal requirements, clinical technology advancements, the growing influx of healthcare-related data and a surge in energy costs. This has led to the exploration of innovative storage & management solutions.

One of the technologies to watch out for is the cloud. Features such as Data as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service make cloud services desirable in the IT landscape of the healthcare industry.

The Last Dose

A combination of Healthcare with technology finishes as a need of the day with the custom software solutions transforming the Healthcare Industry. Well, the thought of software revolutionizes the use of technology to breathe in life into Healthcare.

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