Cut out For Each One, Mobile App Personalization Becomes the New Normal!

The most prominent personal device mobile app development companies target today is the smartphone followed by the smart watches and of course the fitness bands. Mobile app personalization becomes the new magic trick for app development companies as users become glued to their screens more & more.Personalization assures appropriate & engaging user-led experiences for the digitally native users, who are inseparable from their devices.

Personalization is the key to keep the millennial user enticed on various channels unleashing smart ways of engaging the user!

The ultimate aim of app personalization is to cater to specific user needs, rather than deploying a singular, generalized one-app-fits-all-requirements kind of application. Specific needs of the mobile audience must be carefully considered as part of planning & designing phase of app development. Today, all forms of mobile app personalization – contextual, behavioral & demographics are vital to making strategic decisions that ensure the best of user experiences.

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Success Comes From…….

It is not without a reason that mobile app personalization becomes the new normal and a very critical factor for the success of mobile app development companies.

Keeping the Customer Engaged

Personalized experiences are no longer a luxury, they are the basic expectations of customers who wish to get push notifications that are purely aligned with their interests and preferences.

A sure tactic to increase user engagement especially when engaging the millennials is certainly, not as simple as just with a smartphone!!

More than more than half of the mobile users are ok to receive push notifications, however, most of the users do not leverage an app further if they do not return within the first seven days.

Visually appealing & comforting apps suiting the personal choices become a mandatory requirement of the mobile apps. Especially for business relying on subscriptions, it is the impact of personalization that consolidates customer relationships. Brand loyalty receives a definite push through personalization.

Targeted Marketing

Undoubtedly, mobile app personalization leads to improved segmented marketing. An enterprise has better insights on customer demographics & audience preferences with personalized apps. Analytics allows profile data to be collectively analyzed and come up with decision making insights to take the business to the next level.

App personalization also allows the organization to cater to users with different mindsets, as no two customers are the same in terms of purchasing patterns, spending powers or preferences.

User Experiences Bring in…..

Contemporary user experiences go way beyond just a welcoming screen. User experience is all about user journeys and the level of engagement & attachment that a user has a particular app.

Today, mobile app development companies are not only battling the challenge of retaining users, they are also attempting to survive amongst a more than a million apps present in the marketplace. They come up with interesting approaches remain appealing.

Location Based Relevant Offerings

Consider the case of Google maps. Based on the location of the user, maps offer a variety of pointers to view ratings of a particular joint, upload photographs or share reviews.

Similarly, Airbnb focuses on personalization by determining areas that would most interest the user based on past visits. If the user has booked a room in Paris via Airbnb, he or she is likely to get referrals for tourist guides, history of the Eiffel Tower, deli’s to try local food and more.

All of these offerings cohesively result in an improved user experience driven by mobile app personalization.

User Defined Journeys

A trend reshaping the user experience is the way social media apps are defined. In Facebook, for example, users have the option to select the kind of posts they wish to view more often. The user is encouraged to take charge and select what is to be seen, thus defining a personalized journey.

User Behaviors Driving the UX

An intuitive app that can cater to user preferences based on past history works best to redefine the user experiences, both for the customer as well as the enterprise user.

Consider the case of YouTube that provides video referrals based on what user has last viewed. Similarly, most e-commerce providers like Amazon &Big Basket tend to provide recommendations based on past purchase history.

Personalized apps drive employee efficiency and productivity by making workflows easier & relevant.

The Future of Technology is….

The future lies in Artificial Intelligence integration with mobile apps, as chatbots have already made their way into enterprise technology structure. Gartner predicts that leveraging AI in mobile apps is one of the key technology trends of 2017, and considering the scope & scale of retail business, technology pioneers should expect this trend to continue.

While an app user feels engaged & connected with a personalized offering, there is a thin line of difference in pushing the requisite notifications preferable for the user, and literally spamming the customer. Enterprises need to understand that they are dealing with a huge number of millennials, customers, channel partners & employees who will eventually determine the parameters of their success and lead the way to the success of the enterprise itself!

Personalization – The Complete Picture

Mobile app development is evolving at a rapid pace to accommodate personalization at the core. Leveraging analytics, simplified purchases, understanding the expectations of customers and gain holistic knowledge of industry trends around a particular offering is something an enterprise should look to effectively capitalize upon for success.

Personalization relies heavily on a mixture of technologies. Sensors, mobiles, social media, Analytics and other IoT components capture & analyze user behaviors keeping a track of the real-time ongoings right from app sessions, screens viewed, clicks & taps and transactions done. Analytics from multiple channels, on the other hand, drive personalized user experiences with appropriate in-app messages, push-notifications, and recommendations.

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