Parameters Cypress Selenium
Speed There is no need to utilize a web driver, and hence, faster speed Complex architecture but faster platform and hence speedy execution
Installation and Set Up Easy and simple installation process with no dependencies A little complex setup process with the download of browser-specific drivers
Community Support Fast-growing community support around the globe Strong community support for years from the world over
Documentation Intuitive documentation with a rapidly growing user base Enriched documentation with vast experience
Supporting Languages JavaScript, TypeScript Java, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python, C# etc.
Supporting Frameworks Supports Mocha JS, Cucumber BDD, etc. Multiple frameworks based on languages like JUnit, Cucumber, etc.
Supported Browsers Supports Edge, Chrome, Electron, and Firefox browsers Supports Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE, Opera and Edge browsers
Testing Types Front-end testing and API testing End-to-end testing, no support for API testing
Target Groups Developers, testers Automation engineers, testers
Simplicity to Use Developer-friendly, easier to use if JavaScript is known It is easy to start writing tests since it supports many languages
Third-Party Integrations Limited integrations available, inbuilt support for plug-ins, GitHub, and Slack integrations Integrates extensively well with CI/CD, cloud-based tools, reporting tools
Mobile Testing Cannot perform mobile app testing Can do mobile app testing with Appium WebDriver API
Dependency on Drivers No dependency on any drivers Dependent on specified browser drivers
Support for Multi Browser/Tab Instances No support Yes, it does
Test Runner Includes an inbuilt test runner It needs a separate test runner
Debugging Easy to debug with a user-friendly interface Complex debugging and hence needs additional tools
DOM Manipulation It makes use of its own inbuilt DOM manipulation functions Depends on JavaScript for DOM manipulation
Inbuilt Server Mocking Yes No