Developing Robust Applications With Microsoft ASP .NET MVC Framework

  • Posted on : July 23, 2014
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
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A development framework by Microsoft, ASP .NET is well known for its capabilities in building web pages and web site with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting in Microsoft Application Development. ASP .NET relies on three varied programming models, which are Web Pages, Model View Controller (MVC) and WebForms.

Recently, Microsoft released its latest version, ASP .NET MVC 5.2. Let us have a glance through the overview of this framework and why is it so popular.

What Is MVC Framework?

MVC is an ASP .NET development model and a framework that is used to build web applications using a Model – View – Controller design, in which all the three components play significant roles. The Model, with a total hold over HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, signifies the application core, the view shows off the data and the controller controls the inputs to the database.


MVC Model

Layers Of MVC Framework

  • The Model Layer

The area of the application taking care of the logic for the application data.

  • The View Layer

The area handling the display of data

  • The Controller Layer

The part looking after the user interaction

The major highlight of MVC architecture is the ease with which you can manage and implement complex applications with individual focus on all the three aspects, without much dependency on each other. This also leads to different groups of developers working on distributed work based on the logic layer they work on. As compared to the traditional ASP .NET (web forms), this model offers a lightweight, secure, integrated framework including all the features of the traditional one.


• Ease of handling complexity because of segregation of layers
• Total control of application with the developers
• Support for an enriched routing infrastructure because of usage of a Front Controller pattern
• Increased support for test-driven development
• Ideal for increased teams and for developers who want a higher control over the application.

Features Of ASP .NET MVC

• Application tasks are segregated into different logic layers hence making it easy for the developers to control the entire development process.
• Customizable framework hence, independent view engines can be plugged in
• Highlighting features such as forms authentication, URL authentication, membership and roles and many more from the original ASP .NET
• Availability of ASP .NET routing features that allow for searchable URLs.

Here Comes ASP .NET MVC 5.2

The latest release of this framework is ASP .NET MVC 5.2, which features the following highlights:
• Enhancements in Attribute routing
• Automatic generation of route names for attribute routes
• Modification of route prefixes in a centralized place
• Controller filtration

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