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January 11, 2018

When an organization decides that it is not worth spending the three most important driving forces money, time and energy on non-core-competencies like Custom Software Development Services, it is only diverting its most important resources to its primary expertise. This decision can be driven by many factors, one of the most important being non-availability and the difficulty of retaining skilled staff. Coupled with government taxes, regulations, employee benefits to be offered and higher pay scale, enterprises are looking at various associations with partners in stable, emerging countries to transfer business processes which may become unreasonable to manage and to even begin on their own.

Custom software development companies believe in providing flexible business engagement models customized to suit the different needs of different enterprises and derive unified & lucrative client experiences.  Conducive methodologies of association with experts, enable enterprises to remain focused on their own skills.

Engagement Models are blueprints for sharing roles, responsibilities, and infrastructure to deliver collaborative solutions & services to a global clientele across a varied industrial & technology landscape.

engagement models for Custom Software Development

Adding Value To Comprehensive Engagements for Custom Software Solutions

Software development companies offer much more than it meets the eye when enterprises partner for technology offerings catering to the new age user. The mature &agile processes & methodologies in place deliver reliable solutions & services with appropriate adherence to quality & standards. Prompt communications and the obligatory transparency in the workflows with appropriate controls keep both the partners in sync with each other at all times.

The highly skilled resources thus engaged bring in marked advantages to the enterprise technology landscapes.

  • Ready access to technically diverse & qualified teams
  • The option of the offshore resource pool for additional cost-effectiveness
  • Assured focus on project goals & commitment to the timelines
  • Easy scale up & down of resources involved in the engagement model
  • The decrease in operational costs and definite quicker returns on investment (RoI)
  • Streamlined methodologies offering transparency in the workflows
  • Enable improved focus on core competencies by the clients

The Conventional Engagement Models

The Conventional Engagement Models

Captive Offshore Development

One of the most popular business engagements with enterprises across the globe is setting up an offshore captive development center. These centers work as logical extensions of the client IT team. Functioning as independent entities offshore, these centers are entirely under the client’s control and adhere to the security compliances, copyright regulations, IPR protection requirements and the workflows that are set up specifically for the client. Depending on client requirements, custom software development companies recommend having an onsite team for direct client interaction with business teams and smoother coordination with the offshore captive center.

Releasing the partnering enterprise from the worries of infrastructure, project management, technical resource pool management having relevant experience in varied technologies and execution headaches, the Captive Center engagement model is an established way of availing cost benefits from geographically and financially suitable markets.

The close operational ties between the enterprise & its captive development center ensure that the enterprise control the day to day functioning of the setup and the center itself reflects its core ideologies. The captive center streamlines both infrastructure and policies to increase efficiencies across the workflows.

  • Infrastructure
    • Real estate
    • Hardware
    • Networking & Communications
  • Policies
    • Monitoring and Reporting strategies
    • Set up the process workflow
    • Financial planning and agreements
    • Streamlining security compliances & NDAs
    • Finalize project management methodologies

Captive Offshore Center Workflow Management

Captive Offshore Center Workflow Management

The Advantages Brought In By A Captive Offshore Center Are…

  • Brings in cost-effectiveness with minimum capital investments
  • Customized processes with appropriate communication
  • Assured security and non-disclosure adherences governed by a Master Service Agreement
  • Availability of a highly skilled experienced technology pool with “As Required” usage
  • Flexible work timings allowing overlap with global work timings
  • Complete control over the operations, financial, budgets, communication & data by systematic monitoring
  • Rights to Intellectual property and full ownership
Resource Augmentation

After conducting a prudent skill-gap analysis, development companies strengthen client teams by adding on accomplished resources for contemporary technologies like Java, Microsoft, Mobility, BI & Big Data, IoT& more. Collaborating by offering a dedicated team of resources, they ensure that the knowledge & expertise brought in multiplies capabilities as an enterprise, to deliver for diverse technologies within the domain space and across.

With an option to augment the teams on-premise or offshore; companies offer a well-trained, well-groomed & experienced pool of resources for better productivity and increased efficiencies of operations for short-term or long-term.

Custom software development companies augment resources with a minimum lead time. Companies have a well-defined process of onboarding resources through campus recruitment for freshmen and lateral hiring for experienced resources.  Based on the requirements the companies either pool in from our existing resource pool or hire as required

Resource On-Boarding Process
  • Receipt of Job Requirement
    • Analyze Requirement
    • Create Job Specification
  • Search Candidate Profile
    • Network Consultants & Partners
  • Candidate Profile Screening
    • Pre-screening
    • Interviews & Assessment Tests
    • Verification of References
  • Interview
    • Experts Interview
    • Practical Tests
    • Practice Head Interviews
  • Selection & On-Boarding
    • Medical Examination
    • Background Verification

The Software Development Companies Talent Pool Advantages

Custom software development comes with its own set of challenges but then skilled resources help overcome all.

  • Leverage a ready technical resource pool offshore to satisfy skill gaps
  • Quick adaptation of a global work culture
  • Proficiency in English & communication skills
  • Easy scale up and down in accordance with the requirements
  • Huge cost savings in recruiting, training & retaining

The Talent Pool

The Talent Pool

Fixed Price & Time & Material Models

The fixed price models of engagement best suit the requirements of the clients where the scope and specifications of the projects are clearly defined. Aimed at an end to end execution and delivery of software & services, this model of engagement is optimized for timely deliveries and turnkey offerings. A low-risk milestone-based execution of projects offers added advantage to the clients.

This model of engagement is best suited for custom software solutions with well-defined requirements.

The time & material model, on the other hand, facilitates flexibility in terms of time utilization of resources within a changing set of requirements. It brings in the cost-effectiveness of engaging with resources catering to technology services as needed.

Fixed Price & Time & Material Models


Information technology outsourcing or digital outsourcing and India go hand in hand. It is only practical for many to say “It is not my cup of tea” and look at them in various possibilities of associating with companies in India for getting competent services for offshore software development without getting into the hassles of doing it themselves. A prudent global outsourcing strategy is very important for an organization to keep focused on what they do the best.

SPEC INDIA is your trustworthy partner in India to hire software developers with extensive experience spanning three decades.

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SPEC INDIA, as your single stop IT partner has been successfully implementing a bouquet of diverse solutions and services all over the globe, proving its mettle as an ISO 9001:2015 certified IT solutions organization. With efficient project management practices, international standards to comply, flexible engagement models and superior infrastructure, SPEC INDIA is a customer’s delight. Our skilled technical resources are apt at putting thoughts in a perspective by offering value-added reads for all.

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