Enterprise Mobility for Healthcare The Groundwork for Good Health

Technology and Healthcare defy the traditional image of being like chalk & cheese as technical expertise becomes the backbone of the Healthcare Industry. And it is not just about the devices and electronic gadgets support. Adapting to the fast pace information technology, the Healthcare industry shifts from using IT for only communication support to much more.


It was way back in 2015 when Gartner published a report indicative of the times to come for the healthcare providers and other stake holders of this suddenly dynamic industry.


Mobile technologies emerge as the most promising of all the new age enhancements this industry looks forward to. Healthcare mobile app development integrates technology with life and all the upmarket devices right from the smartphones, tablets and the wearables along with the apps to support them become a part of niche enterprise mobility solutions for the Healthcare industry.


It then goes without saying that Mobile device management is the next logical step for Healthcare, almost as if injecting technology with care.

Enterprise Mobility For Health Care

Transforming Healthcare to Healthtech


Technology implemented for life sciences needs to be practical & useful to be relevant to all stakeholders. Mobility solutions when integrated into the enterprise solutions require to answer analyze basic questions at the onset.


Scenarios to be evaluated are typical to the Healthcare Industry.


  • The means to increase productivity & efficiency of doctors, caregivers and other employees of the healthcare enterprise
  • Improving response times to the needs of the patients both homebound and on-premise
  • The ways to provide impeccable user experiences across the industry
  • Ensuring data security and complying to the industry standards
  • Maintaining speed and efficiencies of the data networks across geographies & devices
  • Implementing data stores on-premise and or on the Cloud
  • Managing devices which are to be a part of the system and safeguarding them along with their data accesses
  • Enabling BYOD with proper care in conjunction with MDM
  • Analyzing the cost factors related to such implementations


Enhancing User Experiences with Enterprise Mobility


User experience is the most discussed aspect of any software today and adopts contemporary approaches. Healthcare mobile app development design satisfying user experiences across the entities right from patients, caregivers, doctors, insurers using devices of choice with an anytime anywhere approach to go a long way in spelling success for the Healthcare Industry.


Patient Experiences


Smooth and engaging patient experiences make things easier for this special kind of customer who is most likely to be in distress rather than not. Patient experiences encompass core services offered by the Healthcare industry.


Delivering Care – Remote & On-Premise


          • Clinical decisions & diagnosis
          • Patient monitoring
          • Medication supervision
          • Patient tracking & follow-ups
          • Specimen collections & reporting from labs
          • Diet, lifestyle & other guidelines
          • Remote monitoring & consultations
          • Pharmacy integration


Patient Awareness & Education


          • Integrating awareness & lifestyle apps into the patient devices
          • Educational apps integration for personalized experience




          • Integrate calendar alerts for checkups & appointments
          • Offer alarms for medication, diet & water
          • Registrations for messages


Handling Emergencies


          • Communicate patient data to the point of care
          • Transmit images for medical help to obtain guidance and preliminary intervention


The Integral Parts of Patient Experiences

Parts of Experiance

Workforce Experiences


The Healthcare industry comprises of different types of workforces whose efficiencies & productivities are increased manifolds by the integration of mobile technologies into enterprise solutions through prudent mobility application development.


        • Connected 24 By 7 to patients & point of care
        • View patient status with an anytime anywhere approach
        • Be in touch with the experts across the globe for appropriate advice
        • Seamless communication during emergencies
        • Offer remote care & virtual care with ease & confidence


Enterprise Mobility for Improved Operational Efficiencies


Operational efficiencies across this industry get a positive thrust by the virtue of being connected with ease with appropriate access to vital information.


Workforce Management


        • Appropriate scheduling to optimize resources
        • Automated attendance recording
        • Status capture of work done


Hospitals & Point of Care Management


        • Synchronized patient admission & discharge
        • Facilities management integration
        • Supplies management to keep the stocks of medication & essentials
        • Insurance processing & billing management in self-service mode in addition to the traditional methods


Enterprise Mobility for Research & Collaborations


      • Automated & discrete data collection for participants
      • Patient & population statistics generation
      • Securing personal health records for further analysis
      • Enabling surveys and research data collection through apps in self-service mode


Success Vs Threats of Increasing Operational Efficiencies

Success vs Threat

Challenges in Implementing Enterprise Mobility for Healthcare


All said and done, two pronged challenges in terms of implementing mobility solutions are put forward to the Healthcare industry enterprises. It is up to the conceivers to circumvent these challenges and also to offer reliable solutions integrated with mobile technologies.


Challenges posed by the Mobile Devices


        • Frequent upgrades in OS
        • Diversity in devices & OS
        • Ensuring Data security
        • Business processes changes & continuous realignment
        • Reliability of communication networks
        • Standardizing corporate governance policies for mobile devices
        • Integration into enterprise solutions
        • Uniformity in user experiences


Security Concerns


      • Data security in storage & communication
      • Separation of enterprise data & personal data
      • Physical security of enterprise devices & BYOD devices
      • Authentication policies roll out
      • Uniformity of security protocols across operating systems
      • Apps isolation from the enterprise data stores
      • Security against malware, phishing
      • Ensuring safety after updates to apps & operating systems
      • Maintaining geolocation privacy


Technologies for Healthcare


The trending technologies yield support and value additions to enterprise solutions in the Healthcare Industry


  • Big Data for real-time data capture
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics for generating actionable & critical information
  • Mobile apps for alerts & reminders as also for conversational experiences
  • Social media integration for the well informed user
  • Beacons & iBeacons for grabbing attention to enhance indoor personalized experiences in hospitals & clinics
  • Mobile device management for safeguarding on-premise & off-premise devices
  • Vehicle tracking systems for the ambulances & emergency infrastructure
  • Networks for reliable communication 24 by 7
  • Cloud as a practical & flexible option to avail services & as data stores
  • IoT for integrating everything


On a Parting Note


SPEC INDIA acknowledges that with every new advance in technology, comes its own set of challenges. SPEC INDIA pioneers in establishing practical enterprise mobility solutions across domains with a special focus on enforcing security through mobile device management.


For Healthcare Industry, SPEC INDIA offers specialized mobility application development to drive better care, lower the operational costs and improve patient & workforce experiences. As the Healthcare industry moves to the next level of offerings, SPEC INDIA provides innovative solutions for this very dynamic industry relying heavily on contemporary techniques like mobile technologies, the Cloud and the IoT.


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