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May 24, 2016


May 2nd, 2023

More the merrier, but it is equally true that with the exponential increase in technological advancements, there follows a chain of challenges which need to be met and attended to, for a smooth and uninterrupted service area. This holds true for one of the widest spreading technologies i.e. mobility. Today, we all are in a world ruled by mobile devices and we are simply addicted to performing each of our tasks with them. Mobility has entered our homes, offices and each of our peripheries seamlessly and is here to stay.

Enterprises today are, whether they wish to or not, bound to provide mobile devices to their employees and employees demand instant real-time information at the right place in the right format. It is a vicious circle – you get your staff mobile driven and attain the best of productivity and profitability, the other way round, make your employees happy by giving them a feeling of being one of today’s IT ruled globe. Either ways, it looks quite necessary and rosy. But, however much you see it simplistically, there are numerous challenges and hurdles coming its way, when it comes to practical implementation of the same, especially ascertaining its right and secure usage. The burning questions that follow are ‘How best to ensure security of these devices?’, ‘How to optimize usage of them and ascertain relevant usage only?’ and many more.

If you want to get the best out of mobility driven organization and also add business value to your enterprise, you need a BYOD strategy that works towards optimizing and managing and monitoring the mobile devices of your staff and in parallel, provide the necessary outputs on a regular basis, in the needed fashion. The all-in-one solution, that encompasses all that you look for, is an ideal, robust and scalable Mobile Device Management Solution.

With clearly defined initiatives and a focussed strategy in place, it is very much possible to maximize the controlled access, increase flexibility and ensure misuse of ownership to its best.

Is it Inevitable to Implement Enterprise Mobility Management? If so, Why?

Mobile Device Management

No matter what, managing and monitoring this huge bulk of mobility driven resources, be it mobile devices or human resources, is a great challenge and requires someone to supervise on top of the entire umbrella of people, on how it is being used and how to extract the best? With increasing number of apps being downloaded every now and then, it is equally important to judge the utility of each of them and whether they should be allowed or not.

The very first thing that keeps to our mind, when these many people are using mobile devices officially, is the security of both – the devices and the data. Since it’s strictly professional, the corporate data has to be monitored with wide eyes and that is just not possible manually. There has to be automation and that is where our Mobile Device Management comes into picture. It acts as a supreme authority on top of all these gadgets monitoring each and every activity and also controlling its usage and access.

With cloud based technology being the ‘in’ thing today, it is easier for us to download any kind of app or software easily and instantly. In parallel, it leads to a higher risk of unwanted and harmful elements being downloaded, thereby, harming the device and further on, the corporate network too. The Enterprise Mobility Management solution acts as a third eye, keeping a tight watch over these devices and its usage, with increased visibility and transparency.

Mobile Device Management Value Adds to Business Efficiency and ROI

Now that we know mobility solutions are simply mandatory, it is just not the security factor that is vital. There is much to it, than mere monitoring of mobile data. There is a large amount of value addition that can be extracted from the data that is being accumulated each and every second, based on the mobile data being collected from all the mobile devices. What you need is the right platform, which can easily understand this data and culminate into well desired formats at the correct time and place. The Enterprise Mobility Management solution is the perfect choice, encompassing the wide spectrum of different activities which are a must to facilitate mobility solutions for end users spread out geographically across multiple locations.

With BI and Big Data openly embracing the IT world, it becomes all the more easy to utilize this huge deluge of multifaceted data and provide the management a visually appealing view of the entire scenario, starting right from the top summary, drilling down further, step by step, till the last possible level. One click and you have it all. The Mobile Device Management solution boasts of delivering the most accurate ROI of mobility, giving out executive level summary and analytical reports, giving a totally new meaning to the bulk of mobility driven data.

Enterprises, who are striving towards productivity and proficiency of their business based on the mobile data generated by their staff, have already adapted this skilful solution to its best. Not only are they happy and contented, their employees are also satisfied seeing themselves at par with today’s IT savvy world.

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