Flutter For Startups – Why Appreneurs Are Excited About It?


January 30, 2019


April 27th, 2023

How to be in 10% of the Startups that succeed?

If you Google up this question, here are the points that most of the scholarly articles will provide:

  • Powerful idea
  • Cost effective business approach
  • Proper market study
  • Great user experience
  • Aim for a bigger picture
  • Crowd-funding for your ideas

But the thing is even though this information is omnipresent; the failure ratio of Startups is still high. Even the biggies like Google had to face the doom’s day and shut their apps Google Allo and Google +.

So, What Are The Things Hindering Them To Reach On Top?

In this cut-throat competition, tech startups face the challenge of continuous development and periodic evolution. Due to the changing trends, Continuous development is inevitable.

For instance: The leading search engine of the world Google rolls out an average of 500 to 600 updates in their algorithm every year to stay ahead in the competition curve and to gain sustainable growth.

The most important decision that startups need to take is the choice of technology. It has to be cost-effective and constantly evolving with market needs. They need to act fast as per the market needs and have to be the market initiator to gain maximum benefit of the techno market trends.

So, it is essential that you choose a technology that allows quick development and continuous deployment options.

5 Keys Appreneurs Need For Mobile App Success

Below-mentioned is some of the important keys that make the mobile app development highly successful.

  • Cross-platform support
  • A Great User Interface
  • Fast loading time and high performance
  • High Security and data protection
  • Easy to navigate and simple to use

What if you get the combo of this from a recently developed single platform?

Yes, all thanks to the Flutter – the cross-platform development framework that yields faster development, provides impressive UI, cost-effective and easy to develop. It is Google’s portable UI tool kit for developing mobile apps.

However, if you want to know quick highlights about Flutter, check this out

You may be thinking that, react native even offers a similar result? Then how it is different? Here, you can have a glance of complete comparison React Native vs. Flutter.

Flutter’s tagline “Build beautiful native apps in record time” gives the complete gist about it.

Let’s start with basics

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s open source mobile UI framework that allows developers to create high-quality mobile apps in iOS and Android at a lightning fast speed from a single codebase. It is based on Google Programming Language called Dart.

Although it is in the nascent stage, it is adopted by many startups and big-giants like Alibaba, Hamilton Music to the name of few.

Flutter Is Making Headlines: Why Startups Should Take Note?


What’s so exciting about Flutter? How it solves the problem for Startups? Let’s review some of the important attributes on why startups should consider Flutter.

Looking for faster development? Flutter solves the purpose as it supports cross-platform development

Cross platform app development is startups best friend as it gives the opportunity to upload app on multiple stores. It assures that your app has more exposures and is able to reach a large number of users. This ultimately increases the probability of downloads.

However, in building cross-platform apps, UX and UI are often compromised as JavaScript doesn’t serve as a feasible option. Its some features are browser dependent and some properties/methods are implemented differently across browsers.

But with Flutter, developers are able to take ‘code once’ approach and create a powerful native experience. You can have a single codebase and can use that codebase for iOS and Android both. This results in low development efforts and faster time-to-market.

Have limited time and huge workload? How Flutter increases the productivity by 10x

One of the great things about Flutter is hot reload or stateful hot reload. This means if any error occurs during development, developers can fix it immediately. There is no need to recompile & re-deploy the code and can continue from where they are left. Developers can see the effect of a change in code in real-time so a team can quickly add new features, fix bugs and experiment.

Hot reload increases the productivity and allows to experiments without long delays (within few seconds). It increases collaboration between developers and designers; when they want to improve look and feel, they can check the effects immediately.

Creating Powerful design is a challenge? Flutter is packed with a number of widgets which designs eye-catching user interface

Flutter comes with power packed customized widgets for iOS and Android both which crafts the ‘feel’ of native applications and creates the smooth, crisp user experience. The widget catalogue that Flutter offers is very huge amongst all cross-platform tools. The widgets in Flutter aren’t only used for views but also for the entire screen and even for the app itself.

Moreover, Flutter has got the Material design for Android and iOS widgets or Cupertino for iOS apps for developers to create responsive apps. Developers can develop a smooth and crisp app without any trouble, leaving users with amazing experience.

Flutter Widgets Powerful design
Image Courtesy: Hackernoon

Not enough resources? Flutter is integrated with Firebase

Firebase is a Google’s mobile platform which provides a collection of services such as cloud storage, cloud functions, real-time databases, hosting, and much more. Startups can take advantage of Firebase as it makes the infrastructure serverless, redundant and scalable. So, you don’t need resources or DevOps support in deploying backend.

Generally, developers have to build some tools themselves. But as Firebase has the collection of common tools, it makes it easy to develop apps. Moreover, to achieve constant delivery, developers can combine Firebase with tools to automate the development.


Image Courtesy: Giphy

Other Perks Of Flutter: Pay Attention Startup Founders!

  • Flutter is open-source, so startups do not have to worry about budget
  • Internationalized Flutter Libraries to enable the developers to localize the application according to the language, text and preferred layout of the specific geographic location
  • One stop solution right from Development to deployment
  • The Constant evolution of the platform minimizes the risk of Application re-engineering
  • Easy integration with the existing app
  • Supports  the latest reactive framework

Flipping The Other Side

Someone has rightly said, to every advantage there is a corresponding disadvantage. This framework being young and evolving; it has some drawbacks to look for.

  • Error screen or logs during layout error is confusing
  • Being in the early phase, it doesn’t have a universally-accepted architectural approach
  • Features like Maps, cameras have no support in Flutter.
  • Less number of third-party libraries.
  • No TV & CI support

Despite the above-mentioned disadvantages, it is completely reliable and developer’s first choice. As it Google’s cross-platform development, it truly focuses on native performance, complex visuals, and productivity.

Why Do We Suggest Flutter For Startups?

Below-mentioned are the apps from startups and the big behemoth that leverage Flutter for mobile app development.

Have a look

  • Game of Fifteen
  • Alibaba
  • RESTler –REST API for client
  • Hamilton Music
  • No Seen For Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Klaster Me
  • Reflecty
  • TeachersHub
  • Tencent
  • Share Music pro
  • JD Finance
  • Toon Blocks

The list is infinite! However, you can check out more on itsallwidgets. From startups to fortune 500 companies, companies are using Flutter app development to give wings to their business.

Flutter Mobile App Development: A Way To the Future

As the first stable release of Flutter took place on March 9, 2018, it is too early to make any justifying statement.

However, from the above highlights about Flutter, it is perfect for the speedy results. Be it an enterprise app development, a startup mobile app development or Minimum Viable Product Development, Flutter possesses the competence to develop an application at cost-effective rates.

So, if you are thinking of Flutter Application Development, there is a higher probability of your startup’s success. Because there is a reason people say that, “a good start is half done.”

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