Gamification in Custom Software Solutions – Increase User Interest & Efficiency Big Time


January 25, 2018


January 6th, 2023

“Gamification is the process of using Game Thinking and Game Dynamics to Engage Audiences and Solve Problems” – Gabe Zichermann

Today extracting maximum productivity and potential from employees, customers and stakeholders is a challenge. There is an increasing spree of a perplexed and disconnected lot of employees, customers, management, and workers. At such times, the state-of-the-art technology that comes to the rescue is Gamification – the most successful strategy to keep your stakeholders happy, engaged and productive. Gamification has proven to be the apt choice for driving your business, achieving higher standards of engagement, upgraded behaviors, enhanced collaboration, and innovative thoughts. Be it any field, domain, geography, size, segment, it has, along with other upcoming technologies, proven a major positive effect on globalization, innovation, performance, profitability, customer satisfaction and much more.

Over these years, online gaming fundamental as changed. It, now, encompasses a wider range of fraternities. Every aspect is growing – the demand, supply, variety, objectives, interest level, proficiency, productivity, profitability, efficiency and all. US statistics have showcased the gamification market to grow to over 11 billion USD by 2020. There are many, rather most domains that have started leveraging the potential of this wonderful tool – eLearning, eCommerce, healthcare, finance, hospitality, sales & distribution etc. Gamification is the new way today, looked upon as the most promising and fast-acting tool to spring in engagement by fast-tracking response cycles, clearing goals and objectives, getting tasks that are challenging to completion and indirectly compelling stakeholders to move ahead.

“Every startup CEO should understand Gamification because gaming is the new normal.” – Bing Gordon

Why Is Gamification Today’s Key Mantra In Software Development?

  • Helps Discover Unseen Capacities Within Groups

Gamification intends to bring out the intelligent and wise you, helping organizations unveil the hidden talents in employees, customers, managers and so on. Often, the gaming contest that is held, comprise of various skill sets that need the best of stakeholders to come out thereby, pushing levels of productivity and creativity much ahead than what was envisaged. In cases of custom software development services, there are so many programming contests that showcase the various talents that programmers have.

  • Makes Day-to-day Effort More Thrilling And Fulfilling

Having some of the sorts of gaming experience on a regular basis, as an integrated part of your software solutions, surely brings out a fresh breeze all around the organization and provides a great chance to all those involved. It brings along with it, motivation, accuracy, happiness, efficiency, user engagement and more. It not only includes all the positives to learn but also trains stakeholders on how to manage the challenges that come along.

  • Holds And Motivates User Involvement

Playing with user psychology, it is always a tough task to retain their involvement for a longer period. There is such a frequent change of likings and dislikes that it becomes difficult to have them stick to their peripheries. At such times, this wonderful tool helps in retaining and inspiring their interests for a longer run. It is one of the most popular practices which is majorly used to generate interest and attention of customers, through loyalty programs, discounts, prizes, gifts, etc. so that the customer remains tagged to chosen product lines.

  • Augments Staff Inspiration And Contribution

Be it reasons like meticulous work, heavy pressure, big deadlines, etc., there is always a lack of motivation in the air. And, this is highly critical to ensure achievement of company objectives and aspirations. At such times, gamification proves to be a game-changer. It is capable enough to attract and please employees and customers to a large extent, such that their entire output level rises a level apart.

  • Assists In Envisaging Advancement And Accomplishment

While gamification is implemented, the outputs consist of a variety of result-oriented things like notifications, certifications, badges, prizes, etc. It surely is a big booster for the participants in viewing how they are performing and how best the organization is rewarding them. There is a sense of learning something new &innovative and elevating self to a greater level. There comes in positivity, confidence, enthusiasm, excitement along with an increased profit generating unit.

“Gamification techniques strive to leverage people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, and closure” – Gabe Zichermann

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Delivering Digital Outcomes To Accelerate Growth
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