Garner Utmost Client Satisfaction with an Effectual Service and Maintenance Application

  • Posted on : December 15, 2015
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

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Are you facing challenges of an elevated turn-around time on the field, tracking the location of your service engineers, low customer satisfaction? Be it any type of enterprise of any size of industry domain, there are apparent routine maintenance inspections, repairs and services needed by the esteemed clients as a part of the normal service and maintenance procedures. And, hence, it becomes a must to handle this part of the procedure most effectively and efficiently. Howsoever you may perform with your product manufacturing and installation, if you don’t offer prompt and quality rich service, you are doomed. You ought to lose out on client loyalty and satisfaction.

There could be quite a vast variety of service and maintenance jobs on the spree. Routine service work, Urgent work, emergency services, preventive maintenance, repairing work, on-call scheduling and many more form the crux of any service and maintenance procedure. In order to cater to all this, there is a defined field force in each organization, which needs to be managed and monitored 24 x 7 in order to ensure smooth and flawless maintenance.

An ideal Electronic Service and Maintenance application caters to field level service activities, is of a large use to field maintenance staff / field service engineer teams. It would consist of an easy to use web based back office system that would help in application configuration and a device based mobile application that would manage the on field service engineer workflow. Such an application would form as one of the prime ingredient of a robust Customer Relationship Management solution, since both intend towards a common goal – client satisfaction.


Key Return on Investment (ROI) Features of an Electronic Service and Maintenance Solution

  • Availability of real time information about field staff, at the tip of a finger, at the right time, at the right place, to the right people
  • Minimization of human errors and misfired manual entries
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with prompt service and maintenance
  • Simplistic turnaround time
  • Decrease in implementation cost owing to automated service reports and alarms
  • Provision for highly valuable and competent returns
  • Easily scalable to fit any type of industry needs and also any kind of industry experience
  • Looks after industries having on-call or scheduled maintenance and services onsite
  • Gives swift and disciplined service and maintenance records as per company standard procedures.

Process Flow Involved in a Service and Maintenance Application

The customer data and attributes of the customer are displayed on the device handy with the service engineer, be it a mobile or a tablet. On selecting a particular customer, the maintenance details are displayed, after which starts the procedure of service or maintenance based on the customer’s need of either a on-call or preventive maintenance. Once the service is done, the service engineer notes down the comments and receipt no. The customer would either sign digitally or could record an audio / video message regarding the service quality and its effectiveness. The status of the maintenance or service call would get updated in the system and over a period of time and information, there could be a variety of dashboards / reports culled out from the system with the desired output and input parameters.

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