A GPS Vehicle Tracking System, A Virtual Assistant to the Sales Team


June 13, 2016


June 22nd, 2023

A lot is discussed and written about the desirable features and expected advantages of vehicle tracking systems and their growing dependence. Known to generally monitor & restrict vehicular movements, act as a watchful eye against thefts, track idle time of vehicles, improve fuel efficiency of the fleet and integrate servicing alerts; A GPS vehicle tracking system has other innovative use cases which evolve for specific domains and industries making it a versatile addition to all systems.

Sales force automation systems too are put to use for varies and diverse industries and domains. With a huge sales force plying the field, lack of supervision has a negative impact on the productivity and efficiency of the organizations relying on field force and it is a known fact that a well-organized sales force has a direct relation to both increased sales and increased RoIs for enterprises.

It then becomes mandatory for a comprehensive SFA software to take support from an efficient Vehicle Tracking system to maximize the productivity and efficiency of its Sales Force at all times.

VTS – On the Trail of the Sales Force

An ideal VTS is like an automated logbook keeping records of almost anything fitted with GPS systems. Going beyond tracking the vehicles only, the contemporary & versatile VTS systems keep a watch on the vehicular movements and idle times of vehicles used by the Sales personnel too. Be it a small or big organization, everyone relying on GPS vehicle tracking systems can now keep an eye on the happenings on the field, proving to be an indispensable resource to the authorized manager or supervisor.

A vehicle tracking system by providing real-time updates on sales force personnel locations ensures that the sales personnel adhere to the schedules set out and maintain good work practices by conducting meetings and visits as per the appointment time. Feedback reports of these visits along with the time stamps are captured and passed on to the system to avoid any malpractices.

Stoppages and deviations from the route are kept track of by the system eliminating the chances of any incorrect time spent entries.

The VTS implemented for a sales force ensures geographical discipline by integrating geofencing into the software and making sure that the personnel movements are restricted to the territories assigned.

The system assists the managers to plan their targets distributed amongst the sales team more efficiently by setting the route of the visits using the insights from fleet tracking software. Not only is the fuel usage and cost-optimized, the efficient allocation of the time of the team means better productivity too.

The back office obtains a precise mileage report for all the team members and remains assured that the expense reports for travels remain correct ensuring payments are correlated to the exact usage of vehicles, avoiding overpaying of any sort.

The continuous check on vehicles controls the misuse of company vehicles to a very large extent and the use of vehicles for personal use is recorded too. In cases where the vehicle is owned by the employee, the VTS system can include facilities to co-relate working hours and personal hours with the mileage and usage for keeping up discipline as well as recording the miles used for work.

The system automatically alerts the personnel and relays to the back office, the vehicle service requirements and other parameters of the vehicle to keep the vehicle health appropriate. Speed violations are reported too and enforce additional discipline on the users of the vehicle.

In case of theft or mishap, this robust software alerts the back office and assistance can be provided instantly to the user of the vehicle.

VTS – A Resourceful Buddy for the Sales Force Personnel

The VTS proves advantageous to the sales team as well and makes day-to-day tasks easier and eliminates certain mundane tasks too.

A proficient VTS is equipped with GPS navigation systems and assists the sales force with easy navigation and smart route planning as a sure-shot method to reduce the time for commuting and increase efficiency. Automatic recordings of vehicle usage would facilitate the accurate generation of timesheets and claim reports which are generally a part of the comprehensive system itself. Reimbursements are thus made easier and streamlined.

Scheduling visits and meetings are integrated into the system and re-routing because of adverse weather or traffic congestion issues is prompted and practical reworking of the visit plan is possible.

In a Nutshell

This niche software thus provides a smarter way to work for both the back office and sales force at all times. Insightful integration into the sales force automation systems or into the workflows makes VTS a meaningful part of the complete system. The value added generated by the GPS vehicle tracking system is thus unchallenged.

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