Parameters Kotlin Scala
Inception 2011 2014
Overview Object-oriented language with functions as first-class citizens Multi-paradigm programming language
Popular Frameworks/Libraries Spek, Klaxon, Kotlin NoSQL, Kanary, Kotlin-Core etc. Epic, Breeze, Saddle, Akka, Summing Bird, Smile, etc.
Android Compatibility Kotlin is ideally used for Android app development Scala is not widely used for Android app development
Compilation Speed Faster compilation speed compared to Scala Slower compilation speed compared to Kotlin
Pattern Matching Kotlin does not entirely support pattern-matching Scala offers complete support for pattern-matching
Length of Code Usually short, to the point Usually larger
Community Support Small-sized community support Large community support
Ease of Learning Easy to understand with basic syntax and simple coding style Powerful and flexible syntax, a little tricky for novices
Big Data and Data Science Not ideal for Big Data and Data Science applications Fit for Big Data and Data Science with features like pattern matching
Job Opportunities Lesser Kotlin jobs in the market More Scala jobs in the market
Average Salary of Developers The average Kotlin developer salary in the USA is $130,000 annually or $66.67 per hour. The average Scala developer salary in the USA is $135,900 annually or $69.69 per hour.
Ease of Coding Easy to code and debug with simple syntax It will take time to understand the coding syntax
Inline Functionality The compiler automatically takes functions with ‘inline’ keyword as inline The developer must ask the compiler to inline a method through @inline
Null Point Exceptions Practical and easy null safety management Adds complexity to code while doing null safety management
Operator Overloading Kotlin overloads basic operators, making it easy to understand but less flexible. Scala is quickly approaching operator overloading, making it better for human-readable code.
Interoperability with Java It is 100% interoperable with Java. One can call Kotlin code from Java and vice versa. One can access Java classes but cannot call Scala classes in a Java environment.
Use Cases Android development, web development, and server-side development Big Data & Machine learning solutions, projects with OOPS, and functional programming
Codes Kotlin Codes are efficient and brief Scala codes are more significant and widespread
Documentation API documentation is extensive but not very well arranged API documentation is simple and well-arranged