Looking Forward To Apple’s Innovative Launches

  • Posted on : September 4, 2014
  • Modified: March 1, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : iOS

Spreading in every nook and corner of the globe is the news about the probable September 9th, 2014 event by Apple. This has created curiosity amongst the user community as to what announcements are going to be made or what innovations are to be launched that day. As always, Apple has lured its audiences with state-of-the-art technologies and updates every now and then, which is why millions of people are eagerly waiting for Apple launches and announcements, which could start off in this event. There are certain expectations going around of which we hope to find novel and pleasurable outcomes soon. Will we be seeing iOS 8 with iPhone 6 soon? Will we be able to use iWatch? And many more questions …

Let us have a look at what all is lined up to be launched by Apple, of which, some of them may get kick started in this forthcoming event.


The major attractions being launched by Apple in the near future are:

• iOS 8
Recently, in the WWDC 2014, Apple focussed largely on iOS 8 and its salient features. The beta versions of iOS 8 are already available for download for iPhone app developers. The official release is earmarked soon, but as always, there is no fixed date available. iOS 8 highlights iCloud Photo Library, new camera features, messaging features, battery usage indication, QuickType keyboard, iCloud Drive and much more.

• iPhone 6
Being assigned as one of the most awaited smartphones of 2014, iPhone 6 has created eagerness and is looking forward to gaining top position in the mobility sector worldwide. As heard, iPhone 6 is supposed to be based on iPhone 5c with colour variations and rounded edges. Is it going to come powered with iOS 8 or is iOS 8 coming a little later – is still a question, which may be answered in this coming event.

• iWatch
Chances are that Apple’s first wearable device – ‘iWatch’ will be launched soon, possibly in the forthcoming event planned. It showcases to be a user friendly watch which will sync with your iPhone and will be supported by iOS. It could send messages, contain simplified apps and reduce the need to contact our mobile device every now and then. Nothing yet proven, we are eager to see what Apple offers as against the other smart watch giants like Samsung and LG have already come up with.


We at SPEC INDIA, look forward to the forthcoming attractions and as always, are keen to implement these novel technologies in our upcoming projects. Its mobile, mobile, mobile all over and hence, our focus indeed is the mobility sector wherein we possess expertise in iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Cross Platform Application Development.


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