A Mashup of Technologies with my Smartphone


September 14, 2017


May 1st, 2023

My smartphone becomes me and is the new way of life for me now. So basically, throughout the day it takes on different avatars and becomes my alarm clock, my newspaper, my assistant, my encyclopedia, my weightwatcher, my office, my bank, my window to the world. Anything. I swear by my swanky gadget and am inseparable.

But, when I downloaded a completely new app of a classy furniture store to get me going with my house that I was doing up, the wonders of this practical technology designed by enterprising mobile application development companies dawned upon me and how!

mashup of Technologies

Onboarding – This is How It Begins

I had no idea what I was getting into. It was just a simple download. I had no clue how onboarding the app would hook me to the furniture store I was only scouting details for, just to get clues for my house being done up.

When I started the app the first time, it clearly told me about what to expect with the app, as well as give me a kind of a tour and told me all about the categories of furniture & the services they offer. All the while that I was waiting for a delayed meeting to start.

User Onboarding for Enhanced UX of Mobile Application Designs

“User onboarding guides the user through the app, its features and how to use it with simple, easy methodologies without sounding too preachy. A routine tour of the app might prove useless and frightening for a user who might really use only a few basic features of the app, rather than those which flaunt technical finesse.

User onboarding tactics are interactive and guide the user through the application in a casual manner with an encouraging tone, always showing how far the end is! The onboarding itself deals only with an overview, enticing the user safely and then as an epilogue give the user an option of knowing the more advanced and serious stuff.

There is always the time to know more.”

Push Notifications – Keeping in Touch All the Time

And then it started. A notification every day. Encouraging me to see some new stuff available or a new deal on the pieces I shortlisted. The push notifications are constantly keeping me glued to the store. It is almost like paying a visit to the store every day.

Personalization – Bonding Naturally

I never felt it was not for me. I never feel it is for someone else too. It is so much mine. It is personalized and I almost feel there is someone talking to me all the time. The app keeps track of what I like & what I don’t, what I explore and of course also what I end up buying.

All in all, it manages to go beyond birthdays & anniversaries and keep a complete track of everything about me bonding with me so perfectly!

Mobile App Personalization – The New Magic Trick for Apps

“It is in fact customizing what a user sees on starting the app, based on past usage information, location and other parameters predicting user behavior. Some call it targeted advertising but it is more of increasing the comfort of the users and keeping them engaged methodically.

What these indicate is really simple and straight. Each app need to be set apart to keep the user engaged and enticed. The sure shot method is to show to the user what he wants to see and not what the app wants to show.

A generalized user experience matters less to a user and we of course know how user experiences keep them bound. Tweaking a user experience to suit the taste is the solo motto of mobile app personalization.”

The App is There 24*7 – Convenient & Practical

And of course, the app is my unrestricted access to the store all day long from wherever I am. So, I look up when I am free and never need to rush to the store in the middle of my daily routines.

Physical Plus Digital – Seamlessly with Beacons & More

And they now have a real store too. They did start off as only online stores but now I have access to the real one too. So, when I did go there to try out the chair I so very desperately need for my study, the app takes charge and navigates me through the real store as well through the store on my phone. I completely forget if I was actually there or browsing from elsewhere. The seamless connection between the physical & the digital facilitated by mobile application development companies is unmissable.

The Big Rise of Smart Retail with the Tiny Beacons

Beacons enable a personalized shopping experience by pushing appropriate content and deals when the customer is near the mall or inside the store examining specific products on selected sections within the store. Consumers are becoming increasingly used to engaging & relevant user experiences in-store or online.

Indeed, beacons enable retail business by capturing real-time data and keep the retail analytics in sync with the happenings to generate better insights. True the tiny beacons complement Analytics like none another.

Gamification – Keeping the Excitement On

And this one completely bowls me over. What I thought was a useless time-wasting tactic of the young kids, the app offers me points to play on. The points of course help me buy things easily and also connect me to a community of players or shoppers challenging me to do things and make the most of the store!

All Work and No Play? Gamification is the New Way!

User engagement gets a completely new avatar with Gamification. A completely fresh approach to doing business and work; gaming while doing the more routine and serious things is the exciting new way to entice and motivate users while value adding to enterprise solutions.

The environment of participation built by bringing Gaming into enterprise solutions  & apps gives a sense of achievement to the participants who could be employees and customers both, at all times. Gamification apps and solutions is the next big thing in the approaches for enterprise solutions; both web based and app based.

In a Nutshell

Besides being powered by trending technology like Analytics, Bots, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and a lot more, mobile apps not only offer unforgettable user experiences, they also keep the users engaged in fruitful ways.

Mobile application development companies gear up to integrate flow, features & appeal with deliberations for improved user engagement as it is the  millennial world and keeping the user engaged was never more difficult.

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