Microsoft Azure – Cloud Computing with Integrated Services at its Best

  • Posted on : August 12, 2015
  • Modified: March 1, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform with integrated services to boast of, for quicker work and saving resources. It began as a simple Windows Server-based cloud platform, maturing to a flexible platform allowing the developer community explore languages and frameworks of their choice. A variety of tools can be used with this to build deploy and manage applications as well.

The integrated services are worth watching out for in a world that moves towards cloud computing in different arenas like Cloud Computing, Cloud BI, Cloud Analytics, Cloud Storage and more. Microsoft too, adopts various deployment models like the Private Cloud, Public Cloud and the Hybrid Cloud.

Microsoft Azure offers the following integrated services based on its very robust Cloud.

  • Analytics
  • Computing
  • Database
  • Mobile
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Web


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers unparalleled advantages, to claim its stake as one of the most stable and reliable cloud systems today.

Advantages of using Microsoft Azure


Mobile, web and IoT apps are built and managed more efficiently using Microsoft Azure

  • Integrated tools
  • Pre-built templates
  • Managed services

Open Architecture with Flexible Approach

Azure supports almost all technologies popular today assuring that developers do not need to adjust to any new ware. The Azure client libraries are licensed as open source and available on GitHub and support a range of

  • Programming Languages
  • Frameworks
  • Tools
  • Databases
  • Devices

Azure can be used with popular technologies like JavaScript, Python, P PHP, Java, Node.js and also implemented for iOS, Android and based Windows devices.

Easy Integrity

Azure assures easy integration with existing IT environments of the companies, avoiding a situation where the user is forced to change preferences. It offers an ingenious solution by using the needful techniques.

  • Secure private connections
  • Hybrid database
  • Storage solutions
  • Data residency
  • Encryption features

Azure Stack is a smart move in hybrid cloud computing allowing Azure to run in datacenters of choice.

Data Protection Assured

Protection and privacy of data is the top most on the list of companies when discussing clouds. Microsoft Azure, assures this and more. Being one of the first cloud providers to adopt ISO 27018, which is the international cloud privacy standard, Microsoft says it all. It abides by privacy laws of both US and the EU.

A Global Footprint assuring dependability

Azure is available worldwide in 19 regions, across countries managed through network of Microsoft managed datacenters, making it one of the most extensively available cloud services of the world.

Supports Versatile Applications

Azure can be implemented for versatile applications, across various business domains. This cloud service boasts of an impressive clientele right from Fortune 500 companies to more modest set ups all supported by its different support mechanisms.

  • Enterprise grade SLA’s on services
  • 24×7 tech support
  • Round-the-clock service health monitoring

Economical and suits all requirements

The pay as you go service can be used to scale up and down as and when required. This assures that the organizations can plan their usage and pay for only what is required for storage and bandwidth services.

Predictive Analysis Services

World is talking about predictive analysis and Azure promises niche services in the most talked about areas.

  • Machine Learning
  • Stream Analytics
  • Power BI

This assures intuitive insights into a deluge of data created by the structured, unstructured data and also the data created by IoT

Services Available under Azure

Microsoft Azure comes as a bundle of various services co-related to each other, both for traditional and newer devices.

  • Azure API Management

Application programing interfaces (APIs) for publishing

  • Visual Studio Application Insights

Elemetry services for devices and web applications

  • App Service

Enterprise-ready mobile apps for any platform or device creation

  • Azure Automation

Automating the creation, deployment, monitoring and maintenance for Azure resources.

  • Azure Backup

Allows customers to manage cloud backups

  • Azure Batch

For large-scale parallel and high performance computing (HPC) workloads

  • Azure BizTalk Services

Integration services for public cloud and hybrid cloud deployments

  • Azure CDN

A robust content delivery network

  • Azure Cloud Services

To build, deploy and manage software applications

  • Azure Data Factory

To create, orchestrate and schedule work flows and transformation activities for data

  • Azure DNS

For hosting DNS domains with their Azure apps

  • Azure Document Hub

A fully-managed NoSQL document database service

  • Azure Event Hubs

Allows applications to process events with variable load profiles

  • Azure HDInsight Service

A Hadoop-based service for big data

  • Microsoft Azure Key

Encryption key management capabilities

  • Azure load balancer

To distribute traffic among service instances in Azure Cloud Services or Azure Virtual Machines

  • Azure Machine Learning

To design, test, operationalize and manage predictive analytics

  • Azure Cache

A fast access to data

  • Azure Mobile Engagement

Mobile application management (MAM) capabilities from Azure

  • Azure Mobile Services

Back-end services for building cross-platform mobile apps

  • Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication services for organizational security and compliance

  • Notification Hubs

Provides for push notification capabilities

  • Operational Insights

Capabilities to collect, correlate and visualize machine data in logs

  • Redis Cache

A dedicated cache for Azure applications

  • Remote App

Windows apps delivery to any device

  • Azure Scheduler

For invoking actions in the future

  • Azure Search

Powerful search capabilities for Azure based applications

  • Azure Service Bus

A messaging infrastructure for communication between applications

  • Site Recovery

Disaster recovery services from Microsoft

  • Azure SQL Database

The renowned relational database system to support Azure

  • StorSimple

A hybrid-cloud storage service to cater to different models of implementation

  • Stream Analytics

An event processing engine to assist with real-time analytics

  • Azure Traffic Manager

For routing incoming traffic across multiple hosted Azure services

  • Azure Virtual Machines

To deploy a Windows Server or Linux image in the cloud

  • Azure Virtual Network

A facility to create VPNs that are hosted in the cloud

  • Visual Studio Online

A service for hosted application lifecycle management (ALM)

  • Azure VPN Gateway

To establish secure connectivity between their Azure VPNs and their on-premises IT infrastructures

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is the latest brand name for the Azure cloud platform. SPEC INDIA recognizes the changing mood of the world to offer its niche services for the Microsoft Azure offerings to cater to the modern day vibes.



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