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July 18, 2017


May 1st, 2023

When an organization decides that it is not worth spending the three most important driving forces money, time and energy on non-core competencies, it is only diverting its three most important resources to its primary expertise. This decision can be driven by many factors, one of the most important being non-availability and the difficulty of retaining skilled resources. Coupled with government taxes, regulations, employee benefits to be offered and higher pay scale, the countries from the western world are looking at various associations with partners in stable, emerging countries to transfer business processes which may become unreasonable to manage and to even begin on their own.

Information technology outsourcing and India go hand in hand. Millennial India comes across as a more reliable and a more trustworthy entity with both the economic reforms like the GST and also the movements like Digital India giving India the much required push!

It is only practical for enterprises to look at the various possibilities of associating with offshore software development companies in india for getting competent software developed & maintained without getting into the hassles of doing it themselves. A prudent global outsourcing strategy is very important for an organization to keep focused on what they do the best.

Offshoring Services

The Many Benefits of Outsourcing to India

Outsourcing has been prevalent in the field of Information technology more than 2 decades now. India a strong contender when it comes to offering services related to software services, especially with some well-known and some unique benefits offered by its manpower as well as location.

The Time Zone Advantage

Enterprises often rely on IT outsourcing to take advantage of the time zone difference. This speeds up software development and all that goes with it. Many US or Europe based companies prefer to implement follow-the-sun model, which makes it convenient to associate with Indian software partners for outsourced services inspite of the myths surrounding the saga of outsourcing.

It becomes difficult to onboard associates in western countries who are ready to work in night shifts for round the clock software development, releases or support, hence the time zone benefit leveraged by associations in India are huge especially because it is a country strategically located in mid longitudes catering to both the western and the eastern world in terms of availability 24*7.

Lower Costs

This is the key piece of the IT outsourcing jigsaw and the bone of contention in the USA today especially after the Trump government voicing strong opinions about associations with Asian companies amongst the other orders released. Popular belief is that enterprises reduce 20 – 50% of their IT spend by outsourcing routine tasks to India based IT consulting companies.

Organizations more than often analyze the level of competencies required to perform their IT jobs and determine the proportion of the work that can be assuredly outsourced at cheaper rates to offshore software development companies in india. Besides of course the fact that the labor is relatively cheap, the benefits of exchange rates of Dollar, Pound or Euro vs Indian Rupee too have a huge impact.

Improved Productivity

Many organizations do not prefer to outsource their entire IT related operations, rather they prefer to retain ownership & development and implementation of key components and outsource the routine, mundane jobs. This ensures that the key IT stakeholders of the outsourcing organization are not caught up in the routine and boosts their productivity.

As another angle, enterprises completely avoid IT operations to keep focused on their core abilities, again improving their productivities to the maximum by associating with offshore software development companies.

Avail Niche Competency Skills

Sometimes, an organization may require a specific IT skillset not easily available in their own geography. In such cases, they may feel the need to outsource that particular position to an IT partners based in India, provided there is assurance that the given resources will be made available.

The technology acumen brought by service providers is a huge advantage in a fast pace IT world.

Availability of Professional Services

Assured Quality

Indian IT service providers rely on industry standard benchmarks, such as CMMI or ISO. They invest in practices to ensure that the quality of deliverables is up to the mark, resulting in long term engagement with customers.

Meeting the Timelines

Service providers adhere to timelines for every milestone. Well analyzed estimations are charted out right from design to delivery & testing phases and compliances in all processes are met with.

Smoother Processes

Limited Ownership

For short to medium term development projects, enterprises might see relevance in hiring full time employees. The best strategy would be to outsource IT software development with a win-win synergy. Pre-negotiated contracts signed with IT partners are flexible enough to position or pull out resources as per agreed time frames.

Overall resource management is no longer a challenge for the enterprise that acts as the consumer of the outsourced services.

Manage Operational Continuity

IT outsourcing is often perceived as managed services support. Enterprises willing to outsource often opt for a supplier manager who regularly interacts and monitors software delivery milestones as agreed with the vendor company. Outsourcing routine IT work like certain pieces of software development or support will ensure continued operations irrespective of circumstantial change.

SPEC INDIA as Your Offshore Partner

SPEC INDIA, with its rich experience of three decades in offering IT services to Fortune 100 enterprises, SMEs & Startups across the globe provide flexible & appropriate business engagement models as an offshore software development company. Practical methodologies of association enable our partners to remain focused on their core-competencies.

Our Engagement Models share roles, responsibilities and infrastructure to deliver collaborative solutions & services to a global clientele across a varied industrial & technology landscape with a highly skilled technical resource pool ready to be availed onshore, offshore or hybrid.

In a Nutshell

Offshoring services started out as the delegating of a business process from one country to another or like today, simply from one company to the service provider partner.

India goes a long way in the IT outsourcing scenario of the early nineties from the low-end computer related processes to crucial transaction processing functions and call centers to hard core software development outsourcing work today with marked advantages.

Thumbs Up for India

  • Lower man power costs
  • Time zone benefit
  • A sound technology base
  • Competent information technology experts
  • English speaking population
  • Latest communication facilities

Indian software outsourcing facilities undergo a constant metamorphosis and enterprises across the world make the most of the world class facilities offered in India and the model becomes a win-win situation for all.

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SPEC INDIA, as your single stop IT partner has been successfully implementing a bouquet of diverse solutions and services all over the globe, proving its mettle as an ISO 9001:2015 certified IT solutions organization. With efficient project management practices, international standards to comply, flexible engagement models and superior infrastructure, SPEC INDIA is a customer’s delight. Our skilled technical resources are apt at putting thoughts in a perspective by offering value-added reads for all.

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